Friday, August 13, 2010

Lycium chinense: Another Anti-Lipidaemic Herb

I must admit that I start to believe that if scientists are only clever enough, they will be able to find a lipid lowering effect for any herb. Nevertheless, it is likely that one or another supplement producer reads the study by Kang and spiked its newest "fat burner" with Lycium chinese (USP Labs would be my first guess). If this happens you, as a regular visitor of the SuppVersity will certainly be the only one to explain what this plant extract could be good for.

At least in rats fed a high-fat diet, the addition of 5% and 10% Lycium chinese to their food coincided with a lowering of body weight and levels of serum triglyceride and LDL-cholesterol. Furthermore the Chinese herb appears to have profound antioxidant effects, as indicated by the rise in liver GSH levels the scientists observed.

If you do however ask me, whether this is a necassary addition to fat burners, I would say no! Or would you be willing to replace 5% or 10% or your food intake with a nastily tasting herb?