Saturday, September 18, 2010

Save Energy to Burn More Calories. Decreasing the Environment Temperature to 19°C and Burn 6% More Calories at Rest

On the northern hemisphere, the days get shorter and the temperatures are falling. I hope you have not turned up your heatings, yet. It is not only the environment that may benefit from a more conscious management of the room temperature. As scientists from the Clinical Endocrinology Branch, NIDDK-NIH, Bethesda have found, reducing room temperature by 6°C (from 24°C to 19°C) will increase human energy expenditure (EE) be 6%!
Exposure to 19° C resulted in an increase in plasma and urine norepinephrine levels (p<0.0001), and a 5.96 % (p<0.001) increase in energy expenditure without significant changes in spontaneous physical activity. Exposure to the lower temperature resulted in a significant increase in free fatty acid levels (p<0.01), fasting insulin levels (p<0.05), and a marginal decrease in postprandial glucose levels. A small but significant (p<0.002) increase in serum free T4 and urinary free cortisol (p<0.05) were observed at 19° C.
This is of particular interest because similar mechanism have yet only been observed in rodents, whose "temperature management" is usually considered to be much different from the human one (one reason was the conviction that lack the metabolically active brown adipose tissue that is thought to be responsible for the increase in EE in rodents). Turning down the heat - or not turning it on, in the first place - may thus benefit both, your weight management, as well as the environment.

If you want to increase the effect, you might as well consider buying a thermogenic fat-burner, which will help with the increase in catecholamines that is necessary to bring up the body temperature. A tried and proven thermogenic, I have also used myself is VPX Meltdown. Rather than OxyElite (better for mood), Meltdown does in fact make you feel a warm sensation. This should help with the freezing ;o)