Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Arginine + Yohimbine Effective for the Treatment of Erectile Disfunction

Although, this is a topic men do not tend to speak about, statistics say that it bothers more people than one would think: Erectile disfunction. Certainly, Viagra & Co are the most popular tweaks for "getting it up" again, a new study from Iran (Akhondzadeh. 2010), however, suggests that a combination of arginine + yohimbine may prove effective, as well. In a 4-week, double blind study of parallel groups of patients with mild to moderate ED, the scientists report a significant difference in ED within the group supplemented with a one capsule of SX (a commercial preparation consisting of l-arginine + yohimbine):
The difference between the two groups was significant at week 4 (endpoint) (P=0.03). Four adverse events were observed over the study. The difference between the SX and placebo was not significant in the frequency of adverse events.
Unfortunately, the funding of the study suggests that there may have been a certain bias towards "proving" the advertisement-claims of the producers and financial supporter of the study, Nature Gift.
Figure 1: Comparison of baseline and endpoint of the two groups (week 4) based
on erection domain of IIEF Sscore.NS: non significant and *=P<0.05.
Although you better take the results illustrated in figure 1 with some skepticism, both arginine and yohimbine have long been known to improve blood flow to the testis and help with certain types of erectile dysfunction, so trying respective products, may eventually produce results - at least, for some...