Sunday, November 7, 2010

Coca Cola Financed Study Finds Beneficial Effect of Carbohydrate Supplementation on Physical and Mental Performance

This certainly is one of the examples, where science is somewhat similar to politics: If the defense industry finances the campaign of a politic, will he to turn his back on them by reducing the expenditure on arms, will he?

No? So, you better take it with a grain of skepticism that Watson et al. (Watson. 2010) found that a 3% or 6% carbohydrate solution increased time to exhaustion and response time as measured by / after a series of standardized fitness tests in 10 helthy males (mean±SD age 25±3 years; height 1.75±0.06 m; mass 75.9±6.4 kg; VO2max 54.2±5.0 ml/kg/min):
Time to exhaustion in the MSFT was 9.9±2.0 min, 10.2±2.0 min, 10.9±1.9 min and 11.2±1.8 min in the no fluid, water, 3% and 6% CHO trials, respectively (p=0.004). Core temperature reached 38.9±0.4°C during the no fluid trial, 38.5±0.4°C in the water trial and 38.6±0.3°C at the end of the CHO trials (p=0.011). There was no change in response times to a visual search task in the no fluid and water trials, but CHO ingestion improved response times after exercise (3% CHO, p=0.036; 6% CHO, p=0.041).
The results are far from earth shattering, but, interestingly, they are comparable to much higher doses of carbohydrate supplementation; an observation the scientists make, as well, without, however, discarding the usefulness of the product, Powerade, in relation to which the study was carried out - "Honi soit qui mal y pense".