Friday, December 3, 2010

Overweight Boys More at Risk of Obesity Related Health Problems than Girls

In a recent study from Egypt, Hassan took anthropometric measures of adiposity from 150 pupils between the ages of 7 to 18. Along with data on body composition and serum total lipids profiles the scientists intended to find correlation between obesity and adverse health effects at younger age. The results are interesting in that no correlation was found between lipid profile and body composition in the adolescent group (12-18 years). On the other hand, in the younger children , ...
For young age [7-11 years], triglycerides and HDL-C are correlated to most of the body composition and anthropometric parameters in boys and not in girls.
The scientists speculate on whether the different fat distribution pattern in young boys (centrally dominant) could be one of the underlying reasons for this observation. Be that as it may, I consider this another good reason to encourage boys (and girls, alike) to act out their natural desire to move and exercise before they  become PlayStation cambling couch potatoes.