Thursday, March 31, 2011

More on Putting Carbs to Good Use: Scott Connelly's BodyRX Show - Tune in Live at 12:00pm PDT

Who listened to my interview on Super Human Radio, yesterday, may have heard my advice to tune in to today's BodyRX Show with Dr. Scott Connelly, Vince Andrich, Layne Norton, Patrick Arnold and (this is new) me, ProfDrAndro, being the brains behind a completely overhauled show concept, I promise you won't be disappointed.

BodyRx Radio Show #017

Tune in Live @ 12pm PDT

Here is a short glimpse onto what is waiting for you:
On our last BodyRx Radio show (#016) we learned that by reducing carb intake from levels at the top of the food pyramid (>60% of energy) to a modest 35-40% of energy, you can effectively “teach” your body to preferentially store the carbs you eat into muscle cells and NOT your fat cells [cf. Effect of Macronutrient Composition]. But, when does reducing carb intake negatively impact your performance in the gym, where the work to build muscle takes place? More importantly, does that number change if you alter your training program? We take this age old question head on with:
  • A revealing interview with renowned researcher Dr. Kevin Tipton by our very own Dr. Scott Connelly.
  • Next, Vince Andrich taps into the minds of two of the industries top physique competitors and personal trainer/coaches; Pete Ciccone and his wife Meriza Deguzman––listen for their practical advice that men and women can use right NOW!
  • Lastly,  renowned chemist Patrick Arnold will take on a list of hard hitting questions that will give listeners an inside look at the popular diet and energy compound; geranium. We know you’ll agree this is a one-of-a-kind interview since it was Patrick Arnold himself who brought this compound to the market several years ago, and is now the darling of the supplement world.
The prominent line-up alone makes it worth listening - no doubts about that, folks!