Sunday, March 18, 2012

On Short Notice: Adelfo Places 2nd at the Wheelchair Nationals! Plus: The Contest Prep Series Continues

Image 1: Adelfo Cerame Jr. right after the pre-judging at the Wheelchair Nationals. The judges must have been men, otherwise Adelfo would have made 1st place that's for sure ;-)
Those of you who "are on Facebook" (whatever that may mean) will probably already have heard the news. Our mutual friend Adelfo took 2nd at the Wheelchair Nationals in Florida. "Congratulations, Adelfo! I know at the moment it may feel like a defeat, but look at what you have achieved in the past weeks! That is freakin' awesome - or 'disgusting', as you would say - and inspiring to others!"

I have not yet seen the pics that were taken during the night show, but if we go by his popularity with the women (cf. image 1), it seems somewhat odd that Neil Picone bet him, although I must admit that Adelfo and I had both agreed that he would be the most dangerous competition. Not as shredded as our friend, yet somewhat more muscular and unfortunately - contrary to the fairer sex that was obviously  thrilled the judges must have been more into mass... but I guess Adelfo will be able to wrap this up much better, next Thursday.

Apropos, in view of the fact that Adelfo has just "postponed" taking away his procard to June, we are all going to be blessed with a sequel to Adelfo's Road to the Wheelchair Nationals ;-)