Friday, August 17, 2012

Adelfo Cerame: Training Day - Chest + Shoulders + Triceps! Includes Complete Workout Video + Exercise Descriptions

Image 1: You've waited long enough, now it's there Adelfo's latest training video!
I guess after seeing the "Meat-Ology: A Brief Glance at the Latest Data on The Link Between Red Meat, Cooking Techniques & Prostate Cancer" post you will have thought that you will never get to see how Adelfo Cerame Jr tears down the gym, right? Well, take today's earlier news as a SuppVersity Special and this as the promised regular post for today, Friday August 17, 2012. You probably won't mind that there is not so much text in today's installment of Adelfo's otherwise Thursdaily blogposts. After all the details on why Adelfo, who is as you all know a huge proponent of red meat may after all still get away without prostate cancer - even if he prepares his lean pork in a pan... but hey, you've been waiting for more than 2 weeks now, so let's finally get into this workout.

Training Day! Chest + Shoulders + Triceps

It’s a little delayed but here are the training videos I promised two weeks ago. I know I mentioned showing you guys 2-3 videos of some new exercises I learned from fellow Myotropics teammate Eric Minor when picking his brain at the USA’s (cf. "Back From Vegas"), but I decided What the heck! Why not take them through my whole workout.  The downside to that is that I wasn’t able to get video footage of each and every set, because I do have 2 other guys I train with, so I don’t want all the video taking to cut into our training but I was able to get footage of at least one set of every exercise that I did yesterday. Here’s how a Thursday workout plan for me looks like:
ExerciseSets x Reps
DB flat press + (superset) BB flat press4 x 12 / 6-8
DB incline press + (superset) BB incline press4 x 12 / 6-8
Decline press (hammer strength)4 x 12
Pec deck flys3 x 12-15
DB shoulder press + (superset) DB lateral raise4 x 12/ 8-12
DB front raise4 x 12 / 8-12
Champagne tilts3 x 12+ / 8-12
Triceps pull down3 x 12-15
Table 1: Adelfo Cerame Jr's high volume Chest workout (includes Shoulders + Tris)
My Thursday and Friday training are my higher volume days, so yesterday was my high volume day for chest, shoulders and triceps. Here is video footage (click on the image to watch) of each individual exercise, just so you guys can get an idea of how a days training looks like for me ;-)
DB to BB Superset Flat Presses

4 sets of 12 on DB presses +
4 sets of 6-8 on BB presses

This is an exercise that I started applying into my training after talking to Eric Minor, when I was picking his brain and asking for a couple tips and pointers. It’s very hard for me to get a good pump in my chest especially on a BB bench press. The only time I really use the BB flat press is on my heavy days just for strength, but I never use it on my higher volume days, because it just feels like I’m working my shoulders – but ever since I started super setting flat DB presses to flat BB presses, I’ve been really feeling my chest blowing up during the workouts.
DB to BB Superset Incline Presses
4 sets of 12 on DB presses +
4 sets of 6-8 on BB presses

Same protocol as the flat presses, yet with a minor twist in the way I hold the dumbbells. Rather than your typical DB incline press grip, I prefer the incline close grip presses with a neutral grip; I feel that it stimulates my upper chest much better, and I get a real good pump.

Decline Presses on Hammer Strength Machine
4 sets of 12
No supersets here. *Lol* I couldn’t think of anything creative where I can quickly transition over to another exercise.

Pec Dec Flys
3 sets of 12-15

Last chest exercise before I start on my shoulders. After all the compound movements, I usually like to end my chest work outs with flys.

DB Shoulder Press Superset With
DB Lateral Raises
4 sets of 12 on DB shoulder presses +
4 sets of 8-12 on DB lateral raises

Aside from BB jammer presses, this is another one of my favorite exercise for shoulders.

Champagne Tilts followed by
Triceps pull downs
3 sets of 12 and 3 sets of 12-15

Like most, I like to end my chest and shoulder workouts with triceps – the reason is obvious, it's the synergy with chest and shoulders.

DB Front Raises
3 set of 10-12

I wasn’t really much of a fan of doing isolated front delt exercises – to be honest; I felt that my front delts got enough stimulation when I do my chest and shoulder compound movements, so I didn’t really bother much with front raises. When talking to Eric at the USA’s I mentioned this to him and he showed me a different variation of front raises that really stimulated my front delts – the secret is the slight bend in the elbows while you re doing a slightly inverted raise - at least for me this exercise hits my front delts real nice.
Well that’s all I got for today SuppVersity readers, I hope you enjoyed the videos. I have back day today, so I’ll try to get footage of my whole workout just like I did, yesterday.

Also, feel free to send requests if you’d like to see how I adapt and adjust to other exercises that you may be curious about and don't forget to come back next week for an update on my upcoming experiment with 5/3/1 training – I’m actually going to have to max out this Saturday in order to figure out my lifting percentages, so I will be trading in my 5x5 training as I try to play with the 5/3/1 training for a couple weeks.