Monday, August 23, 2010

Time To Say Good Bye! Mr. Average 1975 is Out-Of-Date.

A recent article in Nature (Later. 2010) emphasizes the need for a new "Reference Man" for men (and women). The authors studied the body composition of 208 healthy Caucasian men and women and found
[...] compared with Reference Man [from 1975], great differences in body composition were found. Men and women of the study population were heavier, taller and had more FM, MM and higher masses of brain, heart and spleen. These differences did not depend on age. Relationships between body weight and body composition were investigated by general linear regression models, whereby deviations in FM, MM and heart mass disappeared, whereas differences in brain and spleen mass persisted.
Interestingly, while you may be fatter than your parents and/or grand-parents you also carry more muscle and more neurons, i.e. you have a heavier brain. So make wise use of the latter to lose the fat and make the best of the early 21st century ;o)