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Kitchen Sink "Multi" W/ 55+ Ingredients Doubles Red Blood Cell Accumulation of Fish Oil: Taken With MV 3g of Fish Oil Increase Red Blood Cell DHA + EPA Just as Much as 6g!

If is debatable how beneficial high tissue levels of omega-3s are, but if you are between 50-70 years old and insist on loading your red blood cells and tissue with DHA + EPA, a certain kitchen sink multi may help. Supplement interactions are either great or dangerous. If they are the former you often call them synergisms. If they are the latter, you will usually call them interference. Whether the latest paper from the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia is about the former, or the latter form of interaction probably depends on your stance with respect to the beneficial effects of high red blood cell and tissue omega-3 levels. In view of the fact that few people share my skepticism with respect to the possibility that all the "good" fish oil supplements could tip the scale which is currently unbalanced in favor of omega-6 fatty acids into the other direction, I simply assume that calling what Andrew Pipingas et al. observed in a recently conducted human tr

Supplemental NAFLD (Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease) Protection for Everyone! Regular Alpha Lipoic Acid (300mg) & Vitamin E (700IU) For Less Than $20 Do the Trick!

You don't have to look at the liver of this person to know that he / she is suffering from NAFLD - just like an ever-increasing minority (soon majority) of US citizens You may asking yourselves what "looking good naked" has to do with obesity and diabetes right now, but if you think about it, the things you have to achieve the one (don't tell me you don't care if you look good naked, liar!) and avoid the others are actually not too different and what's commonly overlooked: The liver is of pivotal importance for both! Looking healthy and being healthy. In spite of the fact that I am going to get back to the "liver <> diabetes" connection later in the article, I would like to invite you to take a closer look at a previous article on that topic "Liver Enzymes the #1 Marker of Insulin Resistance!? Plus: What Does the Correlation Bettwen HbA1C & ALT, AST and GPT Tell Us About Diabesity?" to catch up ! You can learn more about

Water or Diet Soda - What's the Better Diet Beverage? Study Confirms Fake Sweetness Promotes Weight & Waist Loss, Decreases Hunger, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol & Trigs

There is one thing that's not debatable, compared to regular coke, diet coke is a diet beverage. I am probably repeating myself, when I tell you that there are still many people out there who don't understand that it makes a fundamental difference if you are looking at potential pro-obesogenic effect of non-nutritive sweeteners (NNS) in an energy restricted vs. ad-libitum diet scenario. In view of the discussions revolving around the last article on a similar matter, I still thought it was prudent to mention that something that could potentially increase the cravings for sweets is not going to make you fat, if you don't give in to the urges. Apropos urges, if you look at the abstract of the study I am about to discuss in today's SuppVersity article, you will realize that this effect does not existent. You can learn more about sweeteners at the SuppVersity Unsatiating Truth About Sweeteners? Will Artificial Sweeteners Spike Insulin? Sweeteners &

Retinol (Vitamin A) - A Re-Discovered Weapon in the Battle Against Atherosclerosis: Reduced Progression in Patients, Protection For Healthy Subjects From 25,000IU/Day Retinol

No it's not fish oil that's going to save your a** from dying of heart attack. It's vitamin A! 25,000IU/day for those who are already suffering from atherosclerotic lesions and heard disease could do the trick. 600,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year–that’s 1 in every 4 deaths; and at least some could have been prevented, if vitamin A had not been demonized as bone-dissolving kidney and liver killer for decades. That's at least what the results of a recent study from the Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in the - at least in terms of medical paradigms - open-minded Iran (Mottaghi. 2014). Unlike their Western colleagues who would probably considered the provision of 25,000IU of retinyl palmitate per day an act of personal injury, Azadeh Mottaghi and his colleagues dared administering the said amount of pre-formed vitamin A to 31 atherosclerotic patients and 15 healthy controls for 4 full months; and the results were... Impr

Catching One Cold After the Other? 10,000 IU Vitamin D per Week + Gargling May Help. Plus: Gargling Thrice A Day or Gargling With Green Tea Are Even More Effective!

Gargling and vitamin D (10,000 IU/week) keep you infection free. Not too long ago, everyone would have thought you'd picked the wrong letter from the vitamin alphabet if you told him to use "vitamin D " supplements to ward off upper respiratory infections. For decades this has been the still unconfirmed prerogative of vitamin C, which appears to work only in men & women with chronically low intakes of vitamin C...  These days, however, vitamin D can - supposedly - do everything and Mr. and Mrs. Joe & Jane Average won't be surprised to hear that Emma C Goodall and colleagues from the McMaster University and other research institutions call vitamin D, or to be more precise the provision of vitamin D3 supplements a promising intervention for the prevention of URTI.  You can learn more about vitamin D at the SuppVersity How Much To Take? Leucine, Insulin & Vitamin D Vit. D Speeds Up Recovery Overlooked D-Sources Vitamin D For Athletes!

Don't Want to Sacrifice Your Strength on the Altar of Cardio Training? Creatine Monohydrate to the Rescue! Differential Effects on HIIT / Steady State, Legs / Chest

Women can use creatine, too ;-) It's not too long ago that I'd stuck to the word "creatine" in the headline of today's SuppVersity article. In view of the fact that four years after the publication of Ralf Jäger's study on the in efficiency of all super-innovative novel forms of creatine in 2011 people obviously have forgotten that the only ones who benefits from any of these "advanced" creatines are patent holders and supplement producers, I thought it may be a good idea to make sure nobody abuses this article to pimp his patented "super creatine" ;-) And in case you are worried about the alleged instability of creatine, just take it with some baking soda ( learn more ). Now that we've done away with the "advanced creatine" lies, we can get to the actual news... or, well, actually it's not really surprising that Vítor de Salles Painelli and his colleagues from the University of Sao Paulo (hi Lucio ;-) end the abstr
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