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Gut Bugs Determine Health Benefits of Sourdough Whole-Grain Bread | Glycemia Improves W/ White Bread in Some!

Yes, white bread can be the healthier choice. Whether your post-prandial glycemic response will improve or deteriorate with white vs. whole-grain sourdough bread appears to be fully dependent on your gut bugs. Even though it has gotten a bad rep over the past 20 years, bread is (still?) consumed daily by billions of people, worldwide. I guess that's also because the scientific evidence of which the Internet gurus will tell you that it would "prove that bread is the devil" is by no means unambiguous. It was thus high time for scientists to perform a randomized crossover trial like the one by Talk Korem and colleagues from the Weizmann Institute of Science  - a study that used data from two 1-week-long dietary interventions comprising consumption of either traditionally made sourdough-leavened whole-grain bread or industrially made white bread. Review older articles about the gut - health the SuppVersity Bugs Dictate What You Crave Sweeteners & Y

Bench Press Pre-Exhaustion (PE) Science: PE Works for Triceps, not Pecs & Delts | Plus: DB, Barbell or Smith M.

The bench press, an effective exercise for both, men and women. This article addresses both: Doing flys, anterior deltoid raises or triceps extensions before classic barbell bench presses to pre-exhaust the synergists and increase the pectoralis muscle activity during the final press, as well as the differential effect of doing bench presses on the flat bench with dumbbells, barbells and/or the smith machine on the pectoralis, anterior deltoid and triceps activity during the bench press and its consequences on triceps activity during a subsequent cable-pulley triceps extension. Learn more about the best  muscle building exercise at the SuppVeristy Optimizing Rest for Size and Strength Gains Alternating Squats & Bench Presses for Extra GAINS! Equipment, Angle, Grip, etc. Affect Your Pec Dev. Full ROM ➯ Full Gains - Form Counts! Battle the Rope to Get Ripped & Strong Up Your Squat by 25% With Sodium Bicarbonate Pre-exhaustion cannot be expected to incr

Preformed "Vitamin D" - Can One Serving of Fish or Eggs be All You Need to Satisfy Your Daily Vitamin D Requirement?

"Salmon eggs benedict", the 'perfect' combo for 25OHD3 ( recipe ) "If, as has been suggested, 25(OH)D3 has five times greater bioactivity than vitamin D3, one cooked serve (100 g) of white fish, and one cooked serve of cage or free-range eggs (120 g) may provide 50% or 100%, respectively, of the current guidelines for the adequate intake of vitamin D (5 µg) for Australians aged 1–50 years," Australian researchers conclude in a recent paper that measured the concentration of vitamin D3 and 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 (25(OH)D3) in four species of white fish (barramundi, basa, hoki and king dory), and chicken eggs (cage and free-range), purchased from Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. There are many ways to get your vitamin D learn more the SuppVersity How Much Shall You Take? Leucine, Insulin & Vitamin D Vit. D Speeds Up Recovery Overlooked D-Sources Vitamin D For Athletes! New Dosing Sug. for Mr. Average Samples inclu

Beyond Protein Synthesis - Here's What's Really Driving 'ur Gainz | Plus: Exercise & NAFLD, Telomere Length + More

Unless it's done in excess, exercise is a universal health booster ... and it can make you look great naked ;-) In the latest edition of the short news, I am going to address recently published papers from Exercise and Sport Science Reviews  that shed a new light on the way(s) your muscle grow and suggest that exercise is able to cure NAFLD at least partly due to its ability to activate hepatic autophagy. In conjunction with three studies from the July issue of  Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise  that dealt with the link between leisure-time physical activity and telomere length, the underlying reason grandpa (and -ma) are at a very high risk of fall (hint: it's a neuromuscular weakness) and the validity of "use it or lose it" when it comes to the cartilage tissue in your knee. Read about exercise- and nutrition-related studies in the SuppVersity Short News Alcohol, Microbes & International Chest Day Aug '15 Ex.Res. Upd.: Nitrate, G

Heart Rate ↘, BP ↗ | Anxiety + Sleep Issues | Bitter Taste = Big Effect -- SuppVersity Caffeine Research Update June '17

This is not the coffee research update. That's important because coffee has a lot of health benefits that are unrelated or at least not directly related to its most famous ingredient, i.e. caffeine. You may have seen it in the Facebook News , or on the SuppVersity Twitter Channel already: If you don't get your habitual quantity of coffee, your coffee cravings will ruin not just your day, but also your cognitive performance ( learn more about the Palmer study). Palmer's caffeine craving study is yet not the only recent caffeine study that's (SuppVersity-)news-worthy. Likewise worth mentioning are papers by Turley, et al. (2017), Distelberg et al. (2017), Soares et al. (2017) and Pool et al. (2017) - three studies that address the physiological (CNS, metabolism, etc.) response(s) to caffeine in various contexts. You can learn more about coffee and caffeine at the SuppVersity For Caffeine, Timing Matters! 45 Min or More? Caffeine Helps When Taken Intra-
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