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Science Round-Up Seconds: How Colostrum Turns the Oxidative Downsides of Endurance Exercise into Benefits and Why Cacao is so Much More Than Just Delicious

Looking for a delicious and more creative way than colostrum powered chocolate milk to combine today's seconds? What about Linda Wagner's Chocolate Cherry Bomb Smoothie with Colostrum, Caco, Maca, Acai, almond milk & more? By now you will probably have listened to yesterday's installment of the SuppVersity Science Round-Up either via the Super Human Network live stream , or after downloading the podcast (the Round-Up starts in the 2nd hour) that has now been available for ~20h. In case you did not have the chance to listen live or listen to the podcast, but have a vested interest in erectile (dys-)function , optimal testosterone level s, the connection between testosterone, DHT, estrogen, insulin resistance, obesity, the health of your liver and longevity or you are simply eager to learn more about the latest research on high intensity interval training , steady state cardio,  everyday activity and the fallacy of the "exercise just makes you hungry hyp

Human Study: OTC Supplement Doubles T-Levels & Boosts Erections More Than Tadalafil - Too Good to Be True?

Just to make sure you don't suffer from withdrawl symptoms until Adelfo posts the next update on his current contest prep , I thought I'd share a photo that shows where he is currently at - not bad for someone of whom a handful of you have been shocked to hear that he eats at least 200g carbs per day and ice-cream almost every evening, right? It's Thursday and before I'll get to a question on a very recent study I received via the SuppVersity Facebook page , I will brief you on the line-up of today's installment of the SuppVersity Science Round-Up on the Super Human Radio Network . By now, most of you should actually be familiar with the modus operandi: In case you cannot listen live at 1PM EST, you can always download the show ~2h later either from the "Physical Culture for Your Ears" menu in the sidebar of the SuppVersity , or right over at - obviously, you can also wait for tomorrow's SuppVersity Science Round-Up Seco

Probiotics + Green Tea - Synergistic Superstack or Sciency Non-Sense? Green Tea Alone Totally Blunts HFD Induced Weight Gain, L. Plantarum Does Not Add to Its Effects

L. plantarum may metabolize green tea phenols, but don't add to their anti-diabesity effects  Green tea has actually never seized being all the rage and probiotics are the sexy new kid on the block right around the corner of the supplement shops and and science laboratories of the western hemisphere. Against that background I guess that the title of a paper that's been published ahead of print on Monday will probably suffice to catch your interest: "Green tea powder and Lactobacillus plantarum affect gut microbiota, lipid metabolism and inflammation in high-fat fed C57BL/6J mice." (Axling. 2012) - and that despite the fact that "mice are no little men" ;-) '1 + 1 =4' the synergism of green tea and probiotics could make it possible I guess, the idea sounds logic: Take one thing that has been proven to ameliorate diet induced obesity, namely green tea, and combine that with another one, of which it appears as if it would also exhibit beneficial

Asparagus Extract Tops Anti-Diabetes Drug Glibenclamide. Plus: Dozens of Add. Health Benefits - From Aphrodisiac to Anti-Hangover & from Neuroprotection to Anti-Aging

Coho salmon, shrimp and asparagus with melted butter - better than any diabetes drug ;-) Within the last couple of weeks, I have been moving news-items like this one into the " On Short Notice "  category, or simply totally discarded the dozen or so "herb XYZ" or "extract ABC ameliorates hypoglycemia in rodent model of type II diabetes" papers that are published on a weekly basis. The mere number of studies on whatever exotic, herb, spice or isolated polyphenol from the most remote areas (usually in Asia) the names of which I often even have heard about before, is simply too large to cover them all... and let's be honest: In the end, it's also downright boring to read about stuff that decreases blood glucose in a rodent model to a miniscule extend, when you already know that chances that you ever get your hands on a significant amount of that are zero, right? There are however, two good reasons, why Rahman Md. Hafizur, Nurul Kabir and Sidra C

Magic Numbers: 1g Protein per 2g Carbs + Circuit Training = The #1 Formula for Weight & Fat Loss in Obese Women?

If there is one thing about this study that's not debatable it is that eating whole foods, cleaning your diet from all sorts of junk and working out lifting weights and doing aerobics were the cornerstones of the weight loss success of these women, regardless of whether they consumed a low, medium or high amount of protein. Roughly two years ago, when the SuppVersity opened its doors, it was pretty rare to find a scientist who would be willing to "waste" (that's probably how he or she would have said it ;-) precious time and the limited funds of his institution to study the effects of "high protein diets". Over the past couple of months, things have been changing, though: I've just checked and according to Pubmed, the number of publications containing the exact phrase "high protein diet", alone,  has increased by ~32% in 2011 and has remained on the same comparably high level ever since. That said a recent study from the University of Gue

Shedding Some Light on the Leaky Gut <> Exercise Connection. Plus: 20+ Things You Should or Shouldn't Do to Protect and Restore the Integrity of Your Intestinal Wall

Have you ever felt nauseated after a workout? Or does your protein supplement gives you diarrhea only if you take it right after a workout? Both can be related to the toll  exercise can take on the integrity of your intestinal tract. To be honest, I was quite surprised that I did not get a hell lot of hatemail in response to the the 'MSG heals the gut study' I posted last Sunday ... Be that as it may, I feel sort of awkward to have opened Pandora's box without proving you with some betters tools than mono-sodium glutamate (MSG) to seal the box, or rather your leaky gut, again. Therefore I decided to post this mini-feature on a particular issue all of us will be dealing with: An exercise induced increase in gut permeability. As you are going to see, there are a lot of similarities to the 'classic' leaky gut, which is often implicated in the etiology of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. In order to understand these similarities, but also the few, yet importan
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