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Green Tea Extract Reduces the Amount of Insulin You Need to Store Your PWO Carbs by ~20% + Discussed: What are the Potential Benefits During Bulking and Cutting?

The beneficial effects of green tea won't occur if you just put some GTE into your post-workout shake... well, at least they didn't occur in response to acute supplementation in the study at hand, where 3x350mg/d consumed for 7 days before a std. exercise + oral glucose tolerance test  did the insulin lowering trick. While green tea has a record of promoting the metabolic and overall health of the obese and sick, its benefits in healthy individuals are still an object of ongoing research. Research such as the latest study from the McMaster University, in which Brian J. Martin et al. (2016) evaluated the effect of supplementation with green tea extract (GTE) on the plasma glucose kinetics of eleven healthy, sedentary men (21±2 y; BMI=23±4 kg/m², VO2peak=38±7 ml/kg/min; mean±SD). Now, this alone would probably not be SuppVersity  newsworthy, but  unlike other studies that assessed the effects of GTE on glucose management, Martin's study tested the effects specifically d

Low(er) Carb Crossfitters May be Missing Out | 11.1% vs. 4% Rep Increase With 6-8g/kg CHO in 12-Min Rohoi Benchmark

If there's one thing all crossfit WODs have in common it's their profoundly anaerobic, meaning glucose burning, nature I don't care if you love or hate Crossfit. Why's that? "Liking" has nothing to do with science and science tells us that CrossFit is a highly demanding continuously glycogenolytic workout. In other words: while you will be burning fat, as well, the Crossfit workouts are mainly powered by glucose / glycogen. Accordingly, scientists from the University of New Mexico , the California State and the Kennesaw State University speculated that with glucose / glycogen being the main energy resource crossfitters are using, adequate (or high) carbohydrate intakes may be "even more crucial to performance" for crossfitters than it is for other athletes. Looking for more cutting edge exercise and supplementation science? Vitargo, Red Bull, Creatine & More | ISSN'15 #1 Pump Supps & Synephrine & X | ISSN'15 #2 Hi

Total Protein, not its Whey-to-Casein Ratio Determines the Satiety Effects of a Standardized Chocolate-Vanilla Shake

No, that's not a photo from the study. This is not the first SuppVersity article to discuss the  satiating effect of dietary protein, but it's the only one addressing the notion that a lower whey-to-casein ratio in a high-protein milk beverage would go hand in hand with an increased satiety effect. Why should it? Well, as Amelinda et al. (2016) point out, "whey and casein protein have different digestion rates" it is thus only logical to assume that combining them may result in a prolonged satiating effect. High-protein diets are much safer than pseudo-experts say, but there are things to consider... Practical Protein Oxidation 101 5x More Than the FDA Allows! More Protein ≠ More Satiety Protein Oxidation = Health Threat Protein Timing DOES Matter! More Protein = More Liver Fat? To test this hypothesis, the Indonesian researchers conducted a randomized, single-blind, cross-over study with 12 healthy, normal-weight men who received a stan

EMG Study Can Tell Us Something About Using Dumbbells, Barbells and Machines During Chest & Triceps Workouts

The dumbbell bench press is a pec stretcher. Doesn't it already look like maximal pectoralis major activity? No, a high EMG activity will not  necessarily translate into improved long-term muscle or strength gains, but it can tell you a lot about the biomechanics of different exercises and/or, as in the latest study by de Ara├║jo Farias et al. (2016), exercise equipment and order. The true purpose of this study by scientists from Brazil and the US was to investigate muscle activation, total repetitions, and training volume for three bench press exercise modes, the smith machine (SMBP), barbell (BBP), and dumbbell (DBP) - all followed by a triceps extension (TE). Want to try something very different? Try BFR and Hypoxia Training BFR, Cortisol & GH Responses BFR - Where are we now? Hypoxia + HIIT = Win? BFR for Injured Athletes Strength ⇧ | Size ⇩ w/ BFR Training & Living in Hypoxia With nineteen trained men as subjects, the scientists had each st

Hydrogen-Rich (H+) Water Helps Athletes Perform, Improves Our Health & Prolongs Our Lives, Really? - True or False

Is H+ rich water more effective than other 'snake oil versions' of water? Recently, Raymond asked on the SuppVersity  Facebook page whether I could "please do something on the subject of hydrogen supplementation via water or gas" - and that's what I plan to do today. As Raymond rightly points out, the use of H+ water "seems to be a big deal in longevity circles, and perhaps it holds promise for 'our crowd' as well". The obvious question is: rightly so? Or, more specifically, is there credible evidence that H+ water has ergogenic and health-promoting effects in gymrats, athletes, and Mr. & Mrs. Average Joe. If you want to make your water "ergogenic", use it to boil a fresh coffee ;-) Remember: With Coffee More Won't Help More Albuterol + Caffeine Can Get You Ripped Three Cups of Coffee Keep Insulin At Bay Caffeine's Effect on Testosterone, Estrogen & SHBG The Coffee³ Ad- vantage: Fat loss, Appetit
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