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Interesting: D-Allulose Promotes Fat Loss - Not Compared to Sugar, but Compared to Non-Caloric Sweeteners

The reduction in belly fat was significant - in the absence of dieting and compared to another zero-calorie sweetener, that is. D-Allulose is one of those purported weight loss agents with an impressive research record from rodent studies. Now, a recent human trial suggests: it may work in overweight men and women, too. With it being one of the newer sugar substitutes, you may not be familiar with d-allulose (also called d-psicose ). So, here's the gist: It's the C-3 epimer of d-fructose, has (only) 70% of the sweetness of sucrose and ZERO calories (well, almost) ... ah, and did I say that it's rarely found in nature. You can learn more about sweeteners at the SuppVersity Aspartame & Your Microbiome - Not a Problem? Will Artificial Sweeteners Spike Your Insulin? Diet Soda Beats Water as Dieting Aid in RCT Chronic Sweeten-er Intake Won't Effect Microbiome Sucralose Tricks 'Ur Energy Gauge - Implications? Sweeteners In- crease Sweet-

Whole vs. Skim Milk -- Increased HDL and no Effect on LDL, Glucose and Insulin in 3-Wk Crossover Study... But WAIT!

"Whole" or "skim" - eventually it may make much less of a difference than either low-fat or high-fat proponents may still believe.... that is if you're young and healthy and not doing the "1 gallon o' milk"-routine, bro ;-) Now that more and more people begin to get that eggs are not toxic cholesterol bombs, it's about time that scientists re-address the myth that putting the "whole" in the "milk" would have serious health consequences... oh, wait: Eventually, Sara Engel and colleagues from the  University of Copenhagen  found statistically sign. health consequences - allegedly heart-healty ones! More specifically, the authors observed that only 3-weeks on whole vs. skim milk will significantly elevate the HDL levels of 18 healthy adults who were randomly assigned to a sequence of treatments consisting of 0.5 L/d of whole milk and skimmed milk as part of their habitual diet. You can learn more about dairy at the Su

Nutrient Timing Less, Cyclic Dieting & Baseline Microbiome More Important for Fat Loss - Nutrition Science News 02/18

They may have been published in "Obesity" and observed in people w/ weight problems, but the results of these three recent papers are still relevant for lean, metabolically healthy people, too. Even if you are already way beyond the stage, where "weight loss" is your main interest, I am pretty sure you will appreciate this selection of recent studies from obesity research all around the world. After all, some of the research may actually help you achieve your new goal which should be to lose body fat while keeping or even building lean mass. In today's research review I am going to discuss three papers that have recently been published in the International Journal of Obesity (after being available online since late 2017, btw). To generalize one could say that the papers deal with the effects of nutrient timing and your microbiome on the efficacy of your fat loss efforts. Review older articles about the gut - health the SuppVersity Bugs Dicta
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