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Full vs. Half-Squats - Study Measures Actual Size Gains! A Tie for Quads, a Fail for Hams, and a Small Win for Glutes

The result, the full-squat is slightly superior, is not as clear as you may have expected it to be. Furthermore, the study suggests that you won't get away without an additional hamstring exercise if you want tree-trunk legs and a fabulous behind. A new study ( Kubo 2019 ) in the "European Journal of Applied Physiology" compared the effects of squat training with different depths on lower limb muscle volumes (that's news as previous studies measured way too often only the acute EMG response |  Neto 2019 )... with a realistic workout program and a sensible study duration of 10 weeks. over which twenty young men were randomly assigned to a full squat group (#FST, n = 10) or half squat group (#HST, n = 10 at study onset). Are you trying to optimize your training for gains ? Find inspiration in these articles: What's the Latest on Failure? 36% Extra-Gains W/ Rest-Pause Pyramid- and/or Drop-Setting!? Training to Failure = Extra Gains? Super-Setting
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