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Baking Soda Loading Protocol Achieves 30% Higher Bicarb Levels W/ ZERO GI Distress | Plus: Post-Workout NaHCO3 Boosts Acute Recovery & Performance in Boxing

You will be pleased to hear that the 30% increase in serum bicarbonate observed in the loading study was achieved in the absence of gastrointestinal distress in ALL subjects. Sunday, September 22, 2019, was 'bicarbonate day' in the SuppVersity Facebook News : What does that even mean? Well, the daily 'classics', i.e. links to archived SuppVersity articles, were all about the polyatomic anion HCO3 . Today's article brings NaHCO3, aka baking soda, back into the limelight - as a  post -workout re-alkalizer that can be used with a newly developed and proven  bicarbonate loading protocol  that will help you avoid diarrhea and work even more efficiently than the classic 0.3-0.5g/kg protocols 😮 Read more about exercise-related studies at the SuppVersity Tri- or Multi-Set Training for Body Recomp.? Aug '15 Ex.Res. Upd.: Nitrate, Glycogen, and ... Pre-Exhaustion Exhausts Your Growth Potential Full ROM ➯ Full Gains - Form Counts! BFR-Preconditio- ni

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Works in Broad Cuff Pressure Range: Lower (40%) & Higher (80% AOP) Similarly Effective

"Go super tight or go home"? Nope, we're not talking 'bout NC-17 rated websites... this provocatively phrased statement about how to wear your #BFR cuffs at the gym is probably as faulty as the notion that you can judge the effectivity of a workout by how much it hurts. Based on personal observation I can say with certainty that # BFR , i.e. Blood Flow Restriction during resistance training is becoming mainstream. Even in German mainstream gyms you'll see guys many of you would probably ask "do you even lift" if you met them outside of the gym cuffing themselves up to the point where their arms are close to start necrotizing... That's not just potentially dangerous but, as a recent study from the  Brigham Young University in UT suggests, it's also unnecessary. "Blood Flow Restriction" aka # BFR is becoming more and more popular - rightly so? BFR, Cortisol & GH Responses BFR & Compres-sion Gear News BFR as Add
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