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Alkalizing Accelerates Fat Loss: Multimineral Supplement Boosts Fat Loss & Performance in Intermittent Fasters

Works, ... whether that's solely due to pH modulation is not clear. So we don't know if simply using bicarbonate as an alkalizer will do the same Let's get this straight, right away. While the authors ascribe the body weight and performance benefits they observed in their latest study solely to the pH modulating effects of their multimineral supplement, it's by no means clear that the minerals themselves do not at least contribute the effect. But before we get into the nitty-gritty of the discussion, let's first see how the mixed-sex population in the study at hand boosted their weight loss and training efforts ... The RCT was conducted by German scientists from the Martin-Luther-University of Halle-Wittenberg  ( Hottenrott 2020 ). Hottenrott et al. recruited their subjects, a total of 80 healthy (40 females), normal-to-overweight subjects who were aged 20–60 years, and had been physically slightly active before the onset of the trial (1–2 h exercise/week). Miner

Scientists Find Whey to Significantly Boost D3 Absorption: Whey Isolate +50%, Casein(ate!) +25% Vitamin D3 Levels

It's worth peeling the protective layer scientists use to cover up potential methodological holes in practical relevance.  Studies usually make it to the SuppVersity  news if they are educative, informative, or practically relevant. In the case of the latest paper by Emilie Lindahl et al. ( 2020 ), one could - at a surface level - argue that all three criteria apply. But hey, this is the SuppVersity  so we're going unpeel the surface and look for cancerous growth in the methodology section 🤣... Learn more about vitamin D at the SuppVersity How Much Vitamin D Shall You Take? Leucine, Insulin, Vitamin D and Your Gainz Vitamin D Speeds Up Exercise Recovery One Svg of Fish or Eggs Satisfy Your Needs? Vitamin D an Essential Supp For Athletes? New Dosing Suggestions for Mr./Mrs. Average In their study, the scientists from the "Department of Food Science" at the Aarhus University  investigated the effect of "complexation" of vitamin
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