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How Accurate Are Activity Trackers? EE Data From Omron, Fitbit, Jawbone & Other Devices Reveals 10% Error & More

Even though the study doesn't provide a straight-forward answer to the question "Which is the best activity tracker?", it is still revealing. I hope you don't rely on the data from your activity tracker as a basis to decide how much you can, should or may eat on a daily basis. Why? Well, the first and most important result of a recent study from the  Human Performance Laboratory at the Ball State University  is that "consumer-based PA [physical activity] monitors should be used cautiously for estimating EE [energy expenditure]" (Nelson. 2016) - and this goes for the data from all the devices that were tested by Nelson et al.: The BodyMedia FIT and the NikeFuel  armband, the DirectLife monitor, the Omron HJ-720IT , the Fitbit One , the Fitbit Zip , the Fitbit Flex ,   the Jawbone UP24 , the Basis B1 Band Monitor  and the ActiGraph . Don't tell me you use an activity tracker, but don't periodize your training! 30% More on the Big Three: Squa

BPC-157, the Orally Available Peptide That Repairs Tendon, Muscle, Intestines, Teeth, Bone and More in Vitro & Vivo

BPC is not patentable, and thus not interesting for BigPharma. In a way this article is a response to a question I got from Ryan on the Faebook Page of the SuppVersity a week ago. He asked, whether I had an article on Pentadecapeptide BPC-157, a substance of which he'd heard that it can accelerate tendon and muscle repair and work all sorts of other healing magic. Now, as a regular at the SuppVersity  you may know that I didn't have an article on this agent a week age. So I decided to write one. Not just because Ryan asked, but also because of the practical significance of the healing effects of this peptide from in vitro and in vivo studies (no medical advice here!). Unlike antioxidants with their anti- hormetic  effects, BPC-157 actually promotes healing Is Vitamin E Good for the Sedentary Slob, Only? Even Ice-Baths Impair the Adapt. Process Vit C+E Impair Muscle Gains in Older Men C+E Useless or Detrimental for Healthy People Vitamin C and Glucose Mana

Caffeine & Bicarbonate - Individuality is Key: Using Supps That Work for You Make a >90% Performance Difference

Right vs. wrong supps can make a victory or defeat difference of >90%. I've written about the individual response to caffeine and bicarbonate before. To tackle both of these ergogenic supplements I can actually recommend, however, based on a single study that as just been published in the  Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism  is news. The study was conducted at the Derby University's   Department of Life Sciences, Sport, Outdoor & Exercise Science (Higgins. 2016) and evaluated the effects of ingesting sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) or caffeine individually or in combination on high-intensity cycling capacity. In a counterbalanced, crossover design, 13 healthy, noncycling trained males (age: 21 ± 3 years, height: 178 ± 6 cm, body mass: 76 ± 12 kg, peak power output (Wpeak): 230 ± 34 W, peak oxygen uptake: 46 ± 8 mL·kg−1·min−1) performed a graded incremental exercise test, 2 familiarisation trials, and 4 experimental trials. You can learn more about bicar

Cure! Diabetes With 8 + 24 Week Diet Intervention: 40% Stay Normo-Glycemic After Switching from VLCD to Normal Diet

If gaining body fat triggers T2DM, is is not surprising that losing it, cures it. From the SuppVersity   Facebook News  you will remember that studies have shown that type II diabetes can be send into remission with "nothing" but a very low energy diet (Steven. 2015). The question scientists still had to answer, though, was whether the astonishing improvements in glycemia and overall health could be maintained on an energy-sufficient diet. In a newstudy from the Newcastle University scientists did now try to confirm just that by combining an 8-week dieting phase with a stepped return to isocaloric diet based on a structured, individualized (isocaloric) program of weight maintenance. Trying to improve your blood glucose management? Learn how at the SuppVersity Proteins, Peptides & Blood Glucose Diff. Fats & Blood Glucose GABA Improves Glycemia Spread or waste your protein? Cinnamon for Prediabetes High EAA intra-workout fat loss Glucose con

HIIT vs. Steady-State for Fat Loss: Can EPOC Really Explain the Benefits of Intense Interval Training (HIIT, SIE, HIE)?

HIIT has been touted to work its fat burning magic by increasing post-exercise oxygen consumption aka EPOC, a marker of the amount of fat you burn after your workouts. Eventually, however, only the total oxygen consumption and energy expenditure count and this is where the putative mechanism behind the fat loss effects of HIIT lacks scientific backup. Higher excess postexercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) after high-intensity interval exercise (HIIT / HIE) and sprint interval exercise (SIE) has long been touted to explain the greater fat loss scientists observed in several studies which compared the fat loss effects effects classic "cardio" aka steady-state exercise (SSE) to interval training (HIIT / HIE). To elucidate whether that's a reasonable and, more importantly, sufficient  (meaning: "Is the increased energy expenditure high enough to explain the fat loss, even if the steady state exercise consumes more energy and fat on total?") explanation for the p
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