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Alternate Day Fasting & Classic Dieting: Same >5% Weight Loss in 57 vs. 67 Days W/ Unwittingly Increased Deficits

ADF vs. continuous dieting in overweight/obese women: ADF marginally faster, about identically satiatin' but not per se 'superior' "When Weight Loss is Standardized (to 5%), Overweight / Obese Women are Neither Hungrier Nor More Satiated When Eatin' in an Alternate Day vs. Chronic Energy Deficit. Implications?" ⬅ that's the title of a #SuppVersity Facebook and Instagram post I was just about to publish yesterday to then decide: 'Hey, you've spent a lot of time to summarize the results of this study. Spend another 10 min (which became 1h) and you've got a short news item and hence a new article many of you may be (rightly) waiting for...' Learn more about fasting at the SuppVersity Monthly 5-Day Fast Works "Lean Gains" Fast Works Habits Determine Effects of Fasting Protein Modified Fast 4 Health IF + Resistance Training = WIN ADF Beats Ca-lorie Restriction Now, that I am actually in the process of wr
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