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Men Are Different, Women, Too - Also, When it Comes to the Metabolic Effects of Exercise | Plus: Differences Make Female 2h Cardio Sessions Look Even More Futile

Men are fat burning machines, women are not!? Review of sex-differences in fatty acid oxidation during and after exercise puts yet another "!" behind the "don't spend 2h on the treadmill if your goal is fat loss"-primacy for women. We all know: Exercise training is generally a healthful activity and an effective intervention for reducing the risk of numerous chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. And as Gregory Henderson points out, both a result of prevention of weight gain over time as well as direct effects of exercise on metabolism of lipids and the other macronutrient classes during and after exercise. Unfortunately, the contemporary evidence indicates that resting metabolism does not respond similarly in all individuals to exercise participation. One of the factors that determine the effects of exercise on resting energy expenditure (and even intake) is sex,... no not, sex as in sexual intercourse, but sex as in "men vs.

True or False: Foamy Slim.Fast is Better Slim.Fast | Stable Liquid Foams Increase Satiety by 50-100% | NO2-Aerated Foods Can Promote Dieting Efforts. Mechanism Unknown.

Would this work w/ this foam, as well? We all know (hopefully) that there is not magic weight loss bullet, but who knows, maybe there is a magic weight loss foam... don't worry I am just kidding, but if you look at the data Sergey M. Melnikov et al. present in a recent study in the scientific journal Obesity , it looks as if foamy foods could be one out of many tools in your weight loss toolbox. The scientists who work for Anglo–Dutch multinational consumer goods company Univlever conducted two randomized cross-over studies. You can find more True or False articles at the SuppVersity Pasta "Al Dente" = Anti-Diabetic Vinegar & Gums for Weight Loss Teflon Pans Will Kill You! Yohimbine Burns Stubborn Fat You Can Wash Pesticides Away Milk = Poisonous Hormone Cocktail In study one, the 24 volunteers the scientists had recruited for their trials consumed a full portion liquid (325 ml, 190 kcal) or aerated (1,000 ml, 190 kcal) of a commercial S

Faster Muscle Hypertrophy, Lower Visceral & Liver Fat, Trig & Glucose Levels W/ Fish vs. Casein | Plus: Shift From Slow to Fast Twitch Muscle Interesting for Strength Athletes

If casein protein is good for slow and fish protein is good for fast twitch muscle, "fish and cheese" would be the perfect muscle food, no? Read the whole article and find out if that's the case. As a SuppVersity reader you've read about the "wonders" of fish protein before. If I am not completely mistaken, though, the study at hand which is about to be published in the peer-reviewed journal Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry very soon, is the "fish protein study" with the most impressive results. So impressive, in fact, that I am willing to write about it, although the study was conducted with "hairy" athletes aka rodents. So, let's not make it too exciting and start with the main results, right away: Fuminori Kawabata and his Japanese colleagues found that fish protein intake increases fast-twitch muscle weight, reduces liver triglycerides and serum glucose levels in rats, compared with a casein diet. You can lea

Kettlebell Swings as Muscle Builders? Increases in Cortisol & GH & Decreases in Testosterone Which Position the KB Swing Rather as a HIT Fat Burner Than Muscle Builder

Kettlebell swings - According to the results from the study at hand, probably great to shed body fat. not exactly what you should be doing to gain tons of muscle. Ok, here is my confession: I hate kettle bell training (probably, because I am a pussy ;-). Now that it's out there and you know my bias, it's about time to take a look at the results of a recent study from the University of North Texas in Denton (Budnar Jr. 2014) that investigated the hitherto unknown hormonal response to kettlebell training among strength and conditioning professionals. I know, there is no reliable evidence that the GH, testosterone and cortisol response to exercise is a good predictor of the exercise induced muscular adaptations - including muscle and strength gains and fat loss, but there are a few neat associations due to which looking at the study results probably isn't totally useless. Learn more about building muscle at Tri- or Multi-Set Training for Body R

Creatine + Sodium Bicarbonate: Two New Studies Show You Can Make the Most-Researched Ergogenic Even Better W/ a Few Grams of Baking Soda - Sign + Non-Sign Benefits

The benefits of bicarbonate show on the finish line, not the starting block. As true students of the SuppVersity you will know that you can "Supercharge Your Creatine W/ Baking Soda" ( learn more ) and thus build your own "buffered creatine product". What you probably didn't know yet, though, is that there is evidence to prove that the increased stability and bioavailability will actually translate to performance gains. You don't believe a word? Well, scientists from the Sheffield Hallam University (Griffen. 2014) and the Human Performance Laboratory at the University San Luis Obispo (Barber. 2013). You can learn more about beta alanine & bicarbonate at the SuppVersity The Hazards of Acidosis Build Bigger Legs W/ Bicarbonate HIIT it Hard W/ NaCHO3 BA + Bicarb are Synergists Bicarb Buffers Creatine Beta Alanine Fails to HIIT Back Griffen et al. (2014) investigated the effects of creatine and sodium bicarbonate co-inges
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