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Ad-Libitum Paleo Diet W/ a Handful of Simple Rules Cuts 5-7 kg of Body Fat in 12 Weeks - Plus: Paleo Research Overview

Yes, these foods were "allowed" - Even nuts, albeit in limited amounts. Ok, I have to admit that I have repeatedly made fun of "paleo" in the past. Its "cultish", sometimes even "sectarian" appeal is and will remain as hilarious in my eyes as the (for some people life-or-death-)question whether certain foods "are paleo" or not (who cares, as long as they are healthy?). If you happen to have seen my presentation at the Paleo Convention in Berlin, last year, you will know that, despite my apathy against the quasi-religious sides of "paleo", I do appreciate a certain set of "rules" or "principles" (or whatever you may call them) all iterations of "paleo" have in common. These principles work! And they have just been shown to help middle-aged type II diabetics (age 59±8 years) shed a quite impressive 6.7 kg of body fat (w/out exercise "only 5.7kg) in 12 weeks - without  dieting as in not e

Caffeine, Exercise and Your Sleep: The Link Could be Sign. Different From What You Expect - Sleep Better W/ Caffeine?

Coffee and exercise both effect sleep, but their effects don't simply add up. The study at hand does yet suggest that your preworkout coffee won't ruin your sleep. I have to admit, the following are not  results of peer-reviewed research, but with a 2x2 week design, participants being randomized to exercise (4 workouts per week) or be sedentary and to consume caffeine or placebo prior to exercise or rest, it looks methodologically complex, but sound and, more importantly, interesting enough to make it into the SuppVersity news ... I mean, it's about coffee ;-) With that being said, the scientists, who were hopefully less biased than I am, required their subjects to refrain from any extra regular physical activity and or coffee / caffeinated beverage consumption outside of the conditioning/treatment sessions, in which they didn't drink coffee, but 350-mL of Gatorade with or without a rel. low dose of 3mg/kg caffeine. You can learn more about coffee and caffeine

Protein Oxidation 101: 8 Simple Rules to Minimize PROTOX and Maximize the Proven Benefits of High(er) Protein Diets

You're not going to like it, but not all of the protein foods in this photo deserve the attribute "SuppVersity Suggested" I usually try to keep my promises,... even if this means hours of research and ending up with the conclusion that "more research is necessary"... and no, you don't have to worry, there's more than that in the following ~4500 words + 45 references (not including those I didn't copy from the reviews I cite): plenty of information about the effects of cooking, storage, temperature changes, physical processing, and - you're lucky - a preliminary list of 8 tips / rules (and short explanations) that will help you minimize the amount of oxidized protein in your diet, without having to cut back on the intake of your beloved protein ;-) For those of you who are now wondering PROTOX is / are and why they are (literally) a matter of life or death, I suggest you go back to my previous article about the (ill) health effects of oxidi
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