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Can ½ of a Teaspoon of Baking Soda Before Each Meal Cure (Auto-)Immune Disease? Or is this Just a Misinterpretation of the Words of an Overzealous Press Release Writer?

The press release that accompanied the publication of a study from the Augusta University  seems to promote baking soda as a panacea for every (auto-) immune/inflammation-related disease.  It sounds almost too good what a recently published press-release from the Augusta University claims ( read it ): "A daily dose of baking soda may help reduce the destructive inflammation of autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis." WOW! ... but wait. This cannot be true, can it? Well, the mechanism that is introduced in the press release does not seem to be totally absurd. The fact that a temporary alkalization of the otherwise acidic chyme in the stomach will trigger for the production of an increased amount of stomach acid has been known for decades (it is also why classic antacids usually make heartburn worse when used more than occasionally | Maton 1999 ). You can learn more about bicarbonate and pH-buffers at the SuppVersity Caffeine + Bicarb Make Champions Alka

Scientists Test Effects of 'Fat Burning High Octane'-Coffee With High CGA & Reduced Hydroxyhydroquinone Content

Needless to say: The fat burning effect is not one that relates to body fat... and that a dose-escalation (4 instead of 1 cups would bring about such an effect is relatively unlikely, too). It has been some week since I have written the last coffee article. Today, the coffee-free time ends, though. Scientists from the  Kao Corporation  in Japan have recently developed what I labeled a "high octane" coffee... and no, that's not a brand/blend that's particularly high in caffeine. That wouldn't be #SuppVersity news-worthy. What is it then, if it's not coffee that bumps up the postprandial fat oxidation? At face value, the answer seems to be straightforward; it's an old acquaintance and - at least for supplement junkies - probably the #2 on the list of "I know that stuff"-ingredients in coffee: chlorogenic acid  - I've discussed its effects and how to maximize its content in coffee in all detail in my coffee buying, roasting, brewing 101

Hot News About Cold Tea: Cold Maté Tea Increases Energy Expenditure 2x More than Hot Maté | No Strings Attached?

I don't want to spoil your beloved maté tea for you, but if you expect it to shed slabs of body fat off your frame, this belief may well spoil your fat loss efforts for you ;-) I've previously addressed the potential benefits of cold-brewing your coffee  and the effect of water temperature on the extraction of bioactive substances from coffee in my "Coffee 101" ( Moussa 2017 ). For (caffeinated) tea, I haven't done this yet... what I haven't done for either of the two is to address the effect of the beverages' temperature at consumption. In their latest RCT, Maufrais et al. ( 2018 ) did just that... more specifically, they "compare[d] the cardiovascular, metabolic and cutaneous responses to the ingestion of [Yerba Mate] at cold or hot temperature in healthy young subjects." You can learn more about green tea and tea, in general , at the SuppVersity Green Tea Boosts Energy Exp. Using Green Tea as Fatblocker Tea Lowers Testoster

The Overlooked Impact of Insulin Clearance on Your Health and Physique | Plus: How to Balance Your Clearance Rates?

A physique like this is partly a result of insulin management  not of zero insulin! Insulin and cortisol... What do the two have in common? Yes, both are hormones. Yes, both are absolutely essential for us to survive (yes, bro, no denying - they are!). And yes, both have developed the aura of being a threat to our health and physique inside and (over the past 20 years) outside of the fitness and bodybuilding community. Today, every child appears to know: "Insulin and cortisol make you fat. Cortisol is the mothref*cker that gave papa a heart attack and insulin is the bitch that's responsible that mommy needs two instead of one seat on the plane. Damn b*tches, these hormones." Fasting  almost certainly will increase insulin clearance, too  - and there are other benefits: Monthly 5-Day Fast Works "Lean Gains" Fast Works Habits Determine Effects of Fasting Protein Modified Fast 4 Health IF + Resistance Training = WIN ADF Beats Ca-lorie Re
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