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Will Adding 100mg of GABA to Your Whey Turn You into GH-ulk? RCT Finds 10x Higher Total Lean Mass Gainz, BUT...

Sometimes study results just seem too good to be true... I mean, who cares about total lean (including organ) mass when everything you can show off: strength, arms, and legs didn't grow appropriately? You don't? Well, the study is still interesting. Or did you anticipate that, in young-to-middle-aged training noobs GABA probably has to be cycled to keep its effects on growth hormone (GH)? I've previously told you about #GABA , I also highlighted that it's questionable whether its use as a growth hormone ( #GH ) booster is actually going to yield visible improvements in your physique... on the other hand, the GH response to workouts was - next to cortisol - the only hormonal correlate West et al. (see Figure 1, in previous article ) observed in the best and IMHO only decently well powered long(er)-term study investigating what Stuart Philips called "a hormonal ghost" ( Philips 2012 ), i.e. the contribution of the transient increase in growth hormone, testo

Beta-Alanine, Widely Used, but Rarely Tested for Safety!? Individual Studies Find Serum / Muscle Taurine is Reduced by >20%, However the Totality of Evidence Suggests...

Reductions in muscle and especially serum taurine have indeed also been observed in humans, but the fact that they do not occur in lower dose studies and cannot be observed consistently in studies using higher dosages (6g) suggests that they shouldn't be a problem for the average BA user. Regular SuppVersity  readers will be familiar with the way(s) in which taurine (#TAU) and beta-alanine seem to both complement and antagonize each other. Beta-alanine, in particular, has been found to deplete muscular (and other tissue) taurine stores - a problem, generations of scientists have used to study the ill health effects of taurine-deficiency. While studies have never reported clinical taurine depletion in response to beta-alanine supplements, we have to consider the possibility that ... If it works (no runs + high intensity+volume exercise) bicarbonate is the king of H+buffers: Caffeine + Bicarb Make Champions Bicarb + Asp = Muscle Magic!? NaCHO3 & Leg Days're

Calories Count, but Steps Count Too! From 10 to 5k Steps/d W/Out Effect on Body Composition if Energy Intake is Mildly Reduced | Unlike Fatness, the Fitness Worsens, Though

Trust me, once you try to match your intake to your alleged expenditure via apps and trackers you WILL fail if you're also working out regularly - so don't extrapolate the results to: "Oh, I'll just have that Pizza + IceCream, I burned 1,000kcal extra in the gym, I can afford it" - you can't  out-exercise overeating! Those of you who're friends with me on Facebook may have seen the link I posted to an article about an epic total   bed rest study (yes, including bedpans, etc.) that's currently recruiting volunteers. If it was not for the good of humanity - Mission to Mars etc. you know - I guess, studies in which you have to stay lying at a decline angle in bed for a whopping two months wouldn't even pass the scrutiny of the ethics committee of (in this case) NASA... but I am digressing and things were significantly less bad and much more realistic in a recent study from the  University of Missouri . With this new study, Winn et al. (2019) wa
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