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High CGA Instant Coffee for High Potency Fat Loss: Visceral and Total Fat Loss Increase 6-9-fold 😮, But...

Truth is in the numbers... the absolute  numbers, not the impressive relative visceral fat loss that doesn't show on either scale, measuring tape, or mirror... and yes, that means that Kao's high-octane CGA enhanced coffee is not going to make you lean out effortless- and visibly in 12 weeks in the absence of making the necessary but (by way too many) dreaded dietary / lifestyle changes. "No", it's not #inMice, but "yes", it's sponsored research by the Kao Corporation about whose "High Octane Coffee" I've written last year , already. In their latest paper the Japanese authors of the paper ( Watanabe 2019 ) investigated the effects of daily consumption of coffee enriched in chlorogenic acids (CGA) on abdominal fat area in a 12-wk randomized, double-blind, parallel controlled trial w/ healthy, overweight men and women (n = 150, body mass index (BMI) ≥25 to <30 kg/m²) who were randomly allocated to high-CGA (369 mg CGA/serving) or c

Intermittent Fasting in Trained Women Adds Same Amount of Muscle, Strips Extra Body Fat (4-6%) | No Effect of HMB

HMB did matter, but not significantly; and fasted training was not involved in the extra-fat loss and improvement in body composition. While it has long been discussed if serious gainz are even possible on time-restricted feeding regimen, such as classic 'intermittent fasting',  SuppVersity readers have known for years that "New 'Lean Gains' Study Confirms: IF Gets Athletes Lean & Improves Insulin Sensitivity W/Out Impairing Their Gains" (➡ article discussing Moro 2016) - that's in men, though, and that, in turn, is one of several factors that make the latest study by Tinsley et al. (2019)  worth looking at. In their latest study, the Texas Tech University  researchers combined two research questions into one study: (a) Does time-restricted feeding  affect the adaptive response to resistance training women? (b) Can this effect be augmented and/or modulated by supplementing the leucine-metabolite HMB  during the fasting phases (and once in the

Stevia: What's New in 2019? Appetite, Food Intake, Fertility, Metabolism, Microbiome | Plus: Is Your Stevia 'Natural'?

Stevia is available in all forms and combinations... often you don't realize before you take a look at the label that it was literally diluted with fillers and other sweeteners such as erythritol etc. Moreover, no one can reliably tell you if the exclusion of the "bitter stuff" and reliance on Rebaudioside A, exclusively, doesn't nullify some of the previously described health benefits of the whole plant. I was just about to simply add the results of a recent study to your daily dose of research news on " FB/SuppVersity ", when it occurred to me that it has been suspiciously quiet on the sweetener front , lately - specifically when it comes to stevia, a sweetener of which many people claim that it was "natural"... But is that true, is what you can buy at the supermarket or online really still "natural"? While the former is certainly a question of your definition of natural" (do you think a highly processed, isolated white powder
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