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Guanidinoacetic Acid (GAA) 'Superior' to Creatine in Terms of Bioenergetic & Health Effects on Brain, Muscle & More?

Not so fast! Just because it may have shuttled more creatine into the muscle GAA does not have to be able to build more strength or size. It has been a while since the last creatine article was published. Luckily, the publication of the latest paper from Sergej M. Ostojic lab at the  University of Novi Sad (Ostojic. 2016b) will change that... as soon as I've analyzed the study and written about it below that is ;-) First things first, we are dealing with a randomized, double-blind, cross-over trial that was financed by a government grant - not non-existing (as of now) supplement companies who are pimping guanidinoacetic acid (GAA) as a "superior new form of creatine". You can learn more about creatine at the SuppVersity Creatine Doubles 'Ur GainZ! Creatine Loading = Unnecessary Creatine Pre or After Workouts? 1st Benefits of Creatine-HCL The Real Bioavai-lability of Crea Build 'Ur Own Buffered Creatine Now, technically speaking, thi

Eating 75-100g Fat (M-/PUFA) in the AM Improves Glucose (7-8%), Insulin (40-60%), Trigs (4-16%), GSH & MDA (40-75%)

If we assume that the protein fried eggs with its comparatively low insulinogenicity is not a problem (unlike your whey, for example), avocado and eggs fried in olive oil is the perfect breakfast to replace the liquid test meal used in the study. There's no debating that increased amounts of free fatty acids in the blood will impair your insulin sensitivity, as they should be there only, when your supply of carbohydrate is running out, AMPK and with it the expression of lypolytic enzymes increase and the triglycerides from your fat stores are broken down into free fatty acids and released into your bloodstream where they can be used by liver, muscle and other organs as an alternative energy source. Now, the word "alternative" is of paramount importance, here, because you'll find yourself being in (diabetic) trouble if those FFAs pile up on top of high glucose levels. This is what happens with the SAD diet and its high carbohydrate and  fat content (and energy!)

10g/d BCAA Sign. Affect Gut Tenants & Metabolites - Is This the Reason for Good or Bad Effects of BCAA Supplements?

One major problem with all the "gut microbiome"-research is that we're still having a hard time predicting the health outcomes of specific changes in the total and relative numbers of bacteria. I have to admit that the last posts about BCAAs, here at , were mostly "bad news" for BCAA guzzlers, not  because I am biased or like to rant, but simply due to the fact that the studies that have been done lately had negative or no results. With the publication of the latest study from the Institute of Disease Control and Prevention at the Academy of Military Medical Sciences  in Beijing this changed - even if the title, "Metabolic shifts and structural changes in the gut microbiota upon branched‑chain amino acid supplementation in middle‑aged mice" (Yang. 2016) doesn't say anything positive. You can learn more about BCAAs & other amino acids at the SuppVersity Taurine Pumps Up Strength & Recovery? Taurine Improves I

All About Almonds: Effect of Processing on Energy, Macro-, Micro- & Phytonutrient Content, Quality + (Bio-)Availability

I guess you won't be surprised to hear about advantages of raw almonds, but what about the skin...? In view of the repeatedly resurfacing hype around almonds, I probably don't have to tell you that the oval nutlike seed (kernel) of the almond tree, which grows in a woody shell is another of the infamous superfoods. Now, this alone wouldn't be reason enough for almonds to make it into the SuppVersity   News , again (!); rather than hype, it's their phytochemicals and nutrient content of which several lines of experimental and epidemiological research suggest that they have positive health benefits in relation to heart disease, diabetes and obesity . What should be obvious, though, is that these benefits will be observed only if these precious phyto- and micronutrients are (a) retained upon processing / mastication and (b) digested and absorbed during the digestion process. Learn more about the effects of your diet on your health at the SuppVersity Only Whey
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