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Magnesium - Beyond Bioavailability: Bioaccumulation in the Brain 1.2-Fold Higher for Mg-Taurate | No Effect on Muscle

Brainiacs listen up: Magnesium + taurine can also be achieved from a (high seafood) diet. You will remember that the year 2017 saw the publication of the first study to lend credible support to the use of transdermal magnesium . If you go back to my article discussing the results of the study, you will find the following items in the overview of CNS symptoms of magnesium deficiency (48% of the Americans don't get enough Mg | Moshfegh 1997 ): "Nervousness, increased sensitivity of NMDA receptors to excitatory neurotransmitters, migraine, depression, nystagmus, paraesthesia, poor memory, seizures, tremor, vertigo." What you will also find is a figure depicting the effects of administering different forms of magnesium (orally) to rodents on plasma, bone, and red blood cell (#RBC) magnesium levels. Mineral water contains Mg, a lot of other minerals and bicarbonate you don't want to miss: Hydrogen Rich Water = Quackery? Glass of Water Before Meals as Diet

Intermittent Fasting Beats Isocaloric Continuous Dieting (Fat Loss & Health) | New Study + Research Update 12/18

Is intermittent dieting the better form of dieting? Results are promising, but far from conclusive - even in 2018. Check out the latest study in Obesity  and selected research from '18, now! Let's get this straight, right away. The lion's share of the currently available literature on intermittent fasting vs. continuous dietary restriction suggests that "[i]ntermittent energy restriction [is] comparable to continuous energy restriction for short-term weight loss in overweight and obese adults" ( Harris 2018 ). And yes, there are numerous studies suggesting that intermittent (IER) is even superior to regular, continuous energy restriction (CER). Learn more about fasting at the SuppVersity Monthly 5-Day Fasting Works "Lean Gains" Fasting Works Habits Determine Effects of Fasting Fatloos W/ Short Feeding Period IF + Resistance Training = WIN ADF Beats Ca-lorie Restriction However, with the plethora of different regimen and othe

Magnesium Could be in Charge of Your Vitamin D Levels: Supplements Lower High and Increases Low 25OHD Levels

D3 and Mg Supplements not mandatory w/ sun + balanced diet If you subscribed to the @SuppVersity Facebook Page, you will have read the news, already: "Magnesium status and supplementation influence vitamin D status and metabolism" ( Dai 2018 ) - that is both the title and the main results of a recent study from the Vanderbilt University  that is important enough to make it from the short format on Facebook  to a detailed SuppVersity article of its own - the article at hand ;-) The 25OHD-balancing effects Dai et al. observed in their 180 participants (aged 40–85 y) could after all do much more than point towards a reason why everyone and his mama seems to be D-ficient - it could force us to redefine what "optimal" 25OHD levels are - significantly below those many Internet "health experts" recommend. Learn more about vitamin D at the SuppVersity How Much Vitamin D Shall You Take? Leucine, Insulin, Vitamin D and Your Gainz Vitamin D Speed

AM Cardio for Fat Loss W/ 25g Casein vs. 25g Whey Isolate, 25 g Maltodextrin Preload, or Truly Fasted - What's "Best"?

Don't believe a word when someone tells you that a new study would show that you can burn extra body fat if you consume a casein shake before your (by then no longer fasted) AM cardio workouts. While the scientific evidence doesn't seem to confirm the superiority of fasted AM cardio ( learn more ), there's no doubt that it can help you shed body fat if the energy you expend on treadmill ergometer, or rowing machine helps you sustain a >10% energy deficit over the next 24h. What is highly debated, though, is whether you got to take precautions in form of protein powders (or BCCAs) to protect your muscle from falling apart. A final answer to this question has yet to be found, but with the results of a recent study by Bradley T. Gieske and colleagues from the Lindenwood University  ( Gieske 2018 ), this ostensibly super-important question *rofl* may become redundant, anyway... Learn more about building muscle and strength while losing fat with www.suppversity
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