Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nootropics: Phosphatidylserine for Smarter Athletes

While Phosphatidylserine is marketed mainly for its purportedly beneficial effect on exercise recovery and cortisol levels, a recent study by Parker et al. (Parker .2010) showed that supplementation with 400 mg/day Phosphatidylserine (SerinAid, Chemi Nutra) for 14 days before testing,

significantly reduced the time needed for a correct calculation by 19.8% (1.27 s per calculation; Placebo: 6.4 s, PS 5.13 s; p = 0.001), and reduced the total amount of errors by 33% (PRE: Placebo: 27, PS: 18, p = 0.18) at PRE compared to placebo. Exercise significantly improved SST time (p = 0.03). PS did not improve SST compared to placebo post exercise.
So, wheter you have your math test before or after your workout, do not forget to get your daily dose of phosphatidylserine in ;o)