Monday, October 25, 2010

Healthy Aging: Multitude of Health Benefits from Growth Hormone Supplementation

We all do get older and, with that, our hormone levels start to decline. I know, dependent on your gender, you are most probably thinking of your "precious" testosterone or estrogen levels. Science is however just about to understand that there is way more than that to make life worth living even well before the the old age. It is this line of research to which a recent study from scientists of the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice, Poland, contributes.
Table 1: Body composition, body mass (BM), fat-free mass (FFM), body fat content in percent (BF), water content
(TBW), in experimental (group I) and control (group II) groups
The scientists investigated the effect of growth hormone (HGH) supplementation plus resistance training on anaerobic and aerobic power, body composition,and lipoprotein profile in middle aged me. As it is obvious from the results summarized in table 1, the additionally hGH the researchers injected to the subjects from the experimental group (group I) at dosages beginning with 0,2 IU daily for the first month and 0,4
and 0,6 IU in successive month had profound positive effects on body composition. Specifically, it decreased fat and increased muscle mass of the participants; an effect which was not achieved by exercise alone.

In terms of aerobic fitness and fat metabolism, however, there was no "additional benefits [...] in comparison to exercise only". In view of the fact that muscle loss and weakness appear to be among the major obstacles of "youthful aging", it is nevertheless worth considering to ask your doctor to measure and correct GH insufficiencies - not for longevity, but for the quality of your lives.