Friday, November 19, 2010

Combination of Selenium & Vitamin C Effectively Raises Testosterone Levels in Rats

Although this is an older study (Lodhi. 2009), I found it particularly interesting that other than individual supplementation with vitamin C (group II) or selenium (group III), the combined administration (group IV) of 500 mg/L vitamin c in drinking water and 1.5 mg/kg selenium in chow significantly raised the testosterone to cortisol ratio of the rodents (cf. fig 1).
Figure 1: Effect of vitamin C and/or selenium supplementation on testosterone to cortisol ratio
Although it is uncertain if human beings will react similarly, both selenium and vitamin c are major players in the human antioxidant system, which has profound influence on stressors (cortisol) and endocrine function. And a higher testosterone to cortisol ratio (anabolic status) certainly won't hurt your efforts to get fitter, bigger, stronger or healthier - whatever your goals are ;-)