Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pot Belly and High Triglycerides Indicative of Low LDL & HDL Particle Size

A recent study by scientists from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota (Irving. 2011) found that the most reliable indicators of LDL & HDL particle size in 84 healthy non-diabetic men and women were a huge amount of trunk fat and high triglyceride levels.
[...] the accumulation of atherogenic lipoprotein particles (e.g. small, dense, low-density lipoprotein particles and small, high-density lipoprotein particles) was associated with low levels of insulin sensitivity, cardiorespiratory fitness, and higher levels of adiposity. However, multivariate forward-stepwise regression revealed that triglycerides, followed by truncal fat mass, were the strongest predictors of the lipoprotein particle size and concentration data.
These results are of particular interest to those who cannot afford having a comprehensive lipid panel done. Since the standard tests often do not provide any information about the size of the cholesterol particles, looking and triglycerides and truncal fat may be a useful indicator of whether or not it will be necessary to check cholesterol particle sizes, as well.

On a side note: Other than it has long been thought, current research suggests that neither the amount of total cholesterol, nor the amount of LDL cholesterol, but rather the size of the cholesterol lipo-proteins is the main determinant of how likely one is to develop arteriosclerosis: Large particle size = benign; small particle size = dangerous.