Monday, February 21, 2011

Want to Stay Lean on a High-Fat Diet? Consume Whey Protein Everyday.

Listeners of Carl Lenore's Super Human Radio already know: Dr. Paul Arciero of Skidmore College is going to publish a study the results of which confirm that obese individuals can lose weight and improve markers of metabolic health by just adding a 20g shake of whey protein 3x a day.

While you still have to wait for the detailed results of this study to be published, another group of scientists (Shertzer. 2011) derived similar results from a study on mice. Despite being on a high fat diet, mice who received 100mg of whey protein isolate (WPI) per liter of their drinking water (WPI group) ...
had lower rates of body weight gain and percent body fat and greater lean body mass, although energy consumption was unchanged. These results were consistent with WPI mice having higher basal metabolic rates, respiratory quotients, and hepatic mitochondrial respiration. [...] Livers from WPI mice had significantly fewer hepatic lipid droplet numbers and less deposition of nonpolar lipids. Furthermore, WPI improved glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity.
While you are waiting for the human study to be published (the SuppVersity will have it first ;-), get yourself some tasty whey protein and listen to Dr Arciero on Super Human Radio!