Saturday, May 7, 2011

BodyRx Show #019 – Meal Frequency: "Is it Better to Eat More or Less than 3-Squares a Day?"

You are invited to join Scott Connelly, Vince Andrich, Layne Norton, Patrick Arnold and Carl Lenore for an in-depth look at the ever recurring question of whether eating every 2-3 hours is beneficial, let alone necessary for someone looking to improve his body composition, or whether the whole fuss about "avoiding a catabolic state" and "ramping up the metabolism" by frequent meals is nothing but a farse.

Image 1: Do you really need all that tupperware to store your 10+ meals in?
Listen to episode #019 of the BodyRX show to have that question answered.
Just in case you wonder whatever happened to me. Time zones and personal issues got into the way, but I feel the rest of the crew did pretty well without me ;-)