Thursday, June 2, 2011

SHR & BodyRX: Exercise & Nutrition Science that Goes Right From Your Ears into Your Brains.

I hope you did not plan otherwise, because I just scheduled two appointments for you: At 12pm (EST) you got to tune in live and listen to me & Sean Casey from Casey Performance @ Carl Lenore's Super Human Radio to learn more about the Science of Self Education ...

The Science of Self-Education
How to Read a Research Study

update: Podcast available for Download
Listen live to SHR @ 12:00PM ET

After that you may have a brief launch break to fuel the gray matter between your ears, in order to then tune in to Dr. Scott Connelly's BodyRX Show for the second installment of the "Hardgainer Episode" @ 3pm (EST)

Are We all Hardgainers - Part II
Muscle building strategies for those not part of the genetic elite

update: Podcast available for Download