Thursday, September 1, 2011

Super Human Radio: Milk... Food For Babies, Muscle Builder for Bodybuilders or Everybody's Poison?

In case you are one of the "intelligent" (as Carl likes to emphasize) listeners of Carl Lenore's Super Human Radio, I hope that you have been missing me lately. A tight schedule takes it toll and thus today is the first time in weeks that Carl and I are going to chat about exercise, nutrition and physical culture. The main theme of today's show is going to be
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Milk... Food For Babies, Muscle Builder for Bodybuilders,...
... or Everybody's Poison?

Update: Podcast now available for download!

This is a follow up on a previous "Ask Dr. Andro" on milk and colostrum and I will be happy if you tune in live (I will be on in the 2nd half of the show starting @13pm), post your questions on Carl's Facebook pinwall or even call in @ 206-222-2218, if you feel like you can and want to contribute to the discussion.