Exercises & Workouts

Image 1: He does not lack strength,
but judged by his grip, he needs that
sort of exercise education you can find
at the SuppVersity.
Nutrition and supplements certainly make a non-negligible contribution to your success in the gym. Nevertheless, choosing the best exercises and doing them the right way are still staples of both strength and mass development and I guess you know that, because otherwise you would hardly be interested in the SuppVersity's scientifically backed, well-referenced articles on training & exercise theory.

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The SuppVersity EMG Series

Learn all about the best exercises for individual body parts in the SuppVersity EMG Series. Click on the desired body part in the overview below to see a ranking and additional information for each:

Navigate the SuppVersity EMG Series - Click on the desired body part to see the optimal exercises.


"Step By Step Guide to Your Own Workout Routine

Image 1: These abs were not sculpted in the non-existent "fat burning zone" - that's for sure. Learn all about training appropriate to your goals in the "Step by Step Guide to Your Own Workout Routine" series
This series takes you through all the steps it will take to custom-tailor a workout regimen for yourself. It will provide theoretical considerations, practical advice and example workouts:
  1. Scheduling your workout around work and social life: Making room for your workouts
  2. Build muscle, lose fat, gain strength, stay healthy: Find the appropriate workout type and frequency for your goal and experience
  3. Training theory: Workload, volume, density, intensity, sets, reps - learn the basics
  4. Example routines (1): Health and hypertrophy templates
  5. Example routine (2): Fat loss support workout
  6. to be continued