Sunday, July 25, 2010

The OxyElite-"Scandal"? USP Labs Responds

USP Labs refutes the rumors of
Oxy Elite Pro being spiked
After yesterday scare about USP Labs' newest fat burner Oxy Elite Pro being "contaminated" with alpha-methyl-synephrine, USP Labs has posted counter-evidence (thanks to Alex from the PN-Pinwall for letting me know) in form of a lab reported from 07/23/2010. According to the new data the sample that's been tested contained no methyl-synephrine at all. This, however, neither tells us whether the original lab report (cf. yesterday's news) was real or just a mischievous attack on the companies good name ;o)

As far as the "underdosed" herbs are concerned the USP Labs official puts forward exactly the same arguments, I've used in yesterday's blog, i.e. 'weight of extract is not supposed to be weight of active ingredient'. So, what? In spite of the counterstatement, USP Labs' credibility suffered and their competitors who keep tricking consumers into buying useless "Ephedra Leave Extracts" might win a few new costumers.