Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Want to Improve Strength and Power Performance? Beet-Root or Rather Betaine Is the Way to Go!

Molecular structure of betaine (HMDB, v2.5)
Two month ago, another out of a handful currently available studies on the positive effects of beet root juice on exercise performance was published (Bailey. 2010). Most scientists hitherto speculated that its positive effect on exercise performance is solely/mostly related to he high amount of dietary nitrate. A recent study by Lee, (Lee. 2010) found another plausible explanation for the ergogenic effects of beet root: Beet root is very high in betaine of which the researchers were able to show that following supplementation with 1.2g betaine twice a day ...
"bench throw power (1779 90 and 1788 +/- 34 W, respectively) and isometric bench press force (2922 297 and 2503 +/- 28 N, respectively) were increased [and that] compared to pre-supplementation, vertical jump power and isometric squat force increased (p < 0.05)"
These results confirm those of a number of previous studies (Hoffmann. 2009; Armstrong, 2008), which found similar improvements in exercise performance.