Saturday, August 7, 2010

Still Waiting for Big Guns? Patience is the Way to Go!

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(Abe. 2000. Figure 2)
A study by Abe (Abe. 2000) analyzed the time-course of strength and muscular adaption to a 3-days-a-week training protocol over a timespan of 12 weeks. The results show that while muscle gains take their time, "time", in this case, is relative and depends both on the individual muscle (e.g. quadrizeps size increases before significant gains in hamstring size can be observed) and the gender of the trainee (e.g. the initial increment in upper body muscle size appears to be greater in women; propably due to the fact that most women did not do upper body exercises before).

Be patient, be consistent, train hard, rest well and eat smart. If you do all that + pay a short visit to the SuppVersity everyday you will see that after having red the next 100 newsitems you will already have gained a significant amount of strength and muscle.