Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vitamin D Deficiency Impairs Learning

They keep coming, and I keep repeating myself: vitamin D is the most interesting "novel" supplement out there. A recent study Mohsen et al. (Mohsen. 2010) found that vitamin D deficiency, apart from increasing risk of fractures and metabolic diseases, also impairs learning. Investigating the learning process of water maze the scientists found:
The C-D [vitamin D deficient] group needed a longer time to reach the platform than the control and C+D [vitamin D repleted] animals (P<0.0001), demonstrating that vitamin D deficiency negatively affected the maze learning. On the other hand, calcitriol supplementation did not significantly influence the spatial learning.
In view of these facts: If you do not notice that I posted the following only a few days ago,
 "So, do your heart, your pancreas and, not to forget, your bones a favor and grab some vitamin D supplements." (Vitamin D: 1 Billion People Worldwide Are Vitamin D Deficient or Insufficient)
you either did not read it or you are so deficient in vitamin D that you just cannot remember ;-)