Saturday, October 23, 2010

Neptune Krill Oil Effective for Athletes, as well

As a reader of the SuppVersity, you already know about the positive effects of Krill Oil on blood lipids and glucose homeostasis. A very recent investigation into its effect in trained athletes (rowers) revealed significant effects on exercise recovery at only 1g/day. The polish scientists (Scarpansca. 2010) report:
Exercise significantly increased values of SOD, TNF-α and TBARS in both groups, but recovery levels of TBARS were significantly lower in athletes receiving Krill oil compared with the control group.
Figure 1: Training schedule in the week preceding blood sample collection before, and after the supplementation period; volume in minutes per day (Scarpansca. 2010)

Interestingly, supplementation had no effect on antioxidant enzymes, TNF-α and serum lipid profiles. So, there appear to be various reasons for very different parts of the public to consume, or rather supplement, with Krill Oil: Of yet, we know it does improve blood lipids for the ordinary couch potato or severely sick and it speeds up exercise recovery in professional athletes, who obviously have rock bottom blood lipids to begin with (a further reduction could even impair their performance).