Friday, January 21, 2011

Drink Your Milk! Scientists Unlock the Health Secrets of the White Elixir of Life

Arnold said "Milk is for babies", yet recent studies showed that chocolate milk is among the most effective post-workout drinks you can consume and whey proteins are a stable not only of almost every bodybuilder's diet regimens.

In a recent review, a group of Irish scientists (Mills. 2011) attempt to summarize all the available information on the "ever-accumulating range of bioactivities associated with milk substituents"; and the sheer size of the paper underlines that there probably is much more to milk than Arnold would have imagined.
Table 1: Milk-derived bioactive peptides in commercially available functional foods and ingredients (Mills. 2011)
Table 1 (truncated from Mills. 2011) shows a summary of the most important components of milk and their proclaimed beneficial health effects. So, don't let anyone tell you milk was for babies, only ;-)

Edit: I think it is noteworthy to say that (of course) this review was supported by the milk industry. While this does not change the reliability of the scientific evidence cited, one should keep that in mind when looking at which studies the authors selected.