Monday, February 7, 2011

Go for Gold: Golden Kiwifruit Outperforms her Green Sister in Terms of Antioxidant Potential

Groundbreaking research ;-) at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Teikyo University in Tokyo, Japan, did now reveal that Kiwis, especially the golden variate outperforms other highly acclaimed health foods in terms of their antioxidant potential.
Comparison of the anti-oxidant effects in vitro demonstrated that kiwi fruit had stronger anti-oxidant effects than orange and grapefruit, which are rich in vitamin C; gold kiwi had the strongest anti-oxidant effects. Kiwi fruit inhibited oxidation of biological substances in the human body. In particular, kiwi fruit may inhibit early lipid oxidation.
While it is common knowledge that Kiwis contain a lot of vitamin C, the scientists underline that most of its beneficial effects come from the various forms of polyphenols in the fruits.
Fig. 1: Inhibition of Lipid Oxidant by Fruit Juices (Iwasawa. 2011)
So, next time you see some of these hairy little Chinese gooseberries at your local grocery store, grab some golden ones and bump up your antioxidant defenses.

On a side note: According to Dr. Smith from the Life Extension Foundation, Kiwi is also the common food with the highest amount of PQQ ("the new CoQ10" LEF is promoting) you can possibly find - unfortunately, you would probably have to eat truckloads to get the desired effect ;-)