Saturday, February 19, 2011

L-Arginine Biscuits Exhibit Ameliorated Insulin Response. A Viable Alternative for People with Metabolic Syndrome!?

"L-Arginine ameliorates insulin resistance and has beneficial effects on blood pressure", "Fat people love cookies and tend to develop insulin resistance!" - if these two thoughts get together in the head of an Italian scientists, a new product is born: the L-Arginine Biscuit!

In a recent study Emanuela Setola (Setola. 2011) investigated the effect of a biscuit with 6.6g arginine on selected metabolic parameters of 7 healthy subjects. The results are encouraging:
A significant increase of nitric oxide (NOx) and cGMP levels were significantly increased with Biscuit +L-ARG 6.6 g and Powdered L-ARG as compared to Biscuit. AUC NOx and cGMP were significantly increased (p<0.04vs Biscuit). Percentage incremental increase of post-ischemic blood flow significantly increased with Biscuit +L-ARG 6.6 g and Powdered L-ARG, suggesting a functional effect of L-ARG added to the food preparation. Further, at 240 minute mean arterial blood pressure and peripheral vascular resistances slightly declined with Biscuit +L-ARG 6.6 g without reaching a statistical significance. At metabolic levels, the addition of L-ARG to a biscuit decreased insulin levels in the presence of similar glycemic levels, in particular a significant decrease of AUCinsulin during the test with Biscuit +L-ARG 6.6 g in comparison to Biscuit alone was found (p<0.05).
The last result, i.e. the decreased insulin release is probably the most interesting finding of this study and was further investigated by the researcher:
From the results of glucose and insulin, two indices were derived: a Modified Matsuda, (index of whole-body insulin sensitivity) and the Disposition Index (index of the product of insulin sensitivity and first phase insulin secretion). We were able to define that both indices were significantly increased with 6 Biscuits having 6.6 g of L-Arginine while intermediate values were found when 3 Biscuits (3.3 g) were eaten as compared to Biscuits without L-Arginine addition.
After all, I think it would be better to avoid cookies and biscuits completely, but if you just cannot resist, you may well add some arginine to the dough for this years Christmas baking.