Friday, April 22, 2011

BodyRx Show #018 – The High Cost of Low Energy and High Intensity Training.

Despite me not being able to make it to the round-table at the end of the show, this is the best BodyRX Radio ever - tune in and listen as the rest of the team discusses
  • the potential downsides of low carbohydrate diets and high intensity resistance training,
  • the timing of carbohydrate intake, and
  • the merits of pre-performance energy enhancing supplements
 Guests: Dr. Greg Haff (left), Robb Wolff (middle), Rob Regish (right)
Our distinguished guests for this episode are 
  • Dr. Greg Haff, interviewed about his research on peri-workout carbohydrate supplementation by Dr. Scott Connelly and
  • Robb Wolf (The Paleo Solution) and Rob Regish (The Blueprint), who discuss their approaches to goal-specific carbohydrate modulation with former Bodybuilding competitor and supplement expert Vince Andrich
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