Thursday, October 20, 2011

Adelfo Cerame - Road to The Wheelchair Nationals '12: Leaner, Tighter, Stronger - And All That Despite a Novel Sugary Twist to the Uber-Technician's Diet.

Image 1: Just in case you didn't listen to Adelfo on SHR, last week - he is still single, ladies!
Another week, another Thursday; and although I suppose that more of you have been waiting for Adelfo's update than for my humble thoughts on the latest anti-multivitamin campaign... ah, I mean respectable research on multivitamins ;-), I just wanted to let you know that I am at it. Expect the second installment of the follow-up on "Ask Dr. Andro: Are Supplements Bad For Me (1/2)" either tomorrow or on Saturday... fortunately, future pro-wheelchair bodybuilders like Adelfo Cerame appear to be more reliable than muddle-headed pro-physicists, who spent most of their free-time either in the gym or blogging away on exercise and nutrition science. So, "now, without further delay, let's get to" (I bet some of you will recognize this slogan ;-) Adelfo's third week of what I believe is going to be his last contest prep as an amateur *thumbs up!*

Adelfo Cerame Jr., the uber-technician

Week 3 almost in the books and... I’m feeling great! I’m really having fun with my EDT (escalating density training) routines and tweaking it in to my own. Through trial and error, last week, I was able to pick and eliminate what EDT combinations worked and didn’t work for me. I narrowed it down to 5 exercises that work really well considering my mobility, where I can quickly move from one exercise to another during my EDT block. With some help of my friend Dr. Andro I have compiled a graphical overview for you, always pairing one chest and one back or one biceps and one triceps exercise.

Illustration 1: Adelfo's favorite antagonistic supersets for his current EDT routine.
These are the 5 EDT antagonistic (push/pull) combinations that work real well for me, where I can quickly move from one exercise to another. I will try to get some video for next week (don't forget to come back ;-) with me doing one of my favorite EDT blocks.

Image 2: Adelfo's abs during a previous contest prep. Difficult to outdo, but he will do it ;-)
After the famine and with this escalation in training density, I am getting harder and stronger!

The videos probably won't be able to show that, but after the famine, I cribbed from Rob Regish's Blueprint and with the switch to this (for me) novel training style, I have also noticed that my body has gotten a lot harder, my skin feels tighter, and I feel a lot leaner... while this obviously is somewhat subjective, there is not doubt: I’m definitely getting STRONGER! Moreover, my waist is already at 31" and it looks like it can get down to 30" by next week… pure imagination? I wouldn't think so. I’ll try to take some quality photos of how my physique is looking for next weeks segment - promise!

My diet: A permanent construction site...

As for my diet… I have made some minor adjustments to keep things simple! When it comes to prep and my diet, I get really paranoid and over analyze everything from my nutrition to training. I don’t know why I get like this, but I always do every time I prep. The only way out of this misery is to keep things as simple as possible, so I decided to return to protein and fat (P+F), only, as the basis of the majority of my meals. The only meals that is going to have a "high" carbohydrate content (and low fat) will be my PWO shake and PWO meal. Knowing my own body best, I figured it would be wise to let it run on what it runs best, i.e. fats and give him those damn carbs it needs not to shut down and keep the performance up in the very window, where they will get stored, right where they belong, inside my muscle.

This also implies that I will stop doing my usual Sunday re-feeds for a while, because I feel that I get plenty of carbs post workout after this tweeks, so that - given my current caloric intake - I do not see any need for further refeeds (especially not carby ones). Up to know, this has worked out pretty well, I haven’t been feeling flat, my energy is up throughout the week, my metabolism seems to be up... moreover, I haven’t been feeling deprived of anything, so psychologically I’m fine, as well. The formula is easy:

no flat muscle + no lack of energy +  no metabolic shutdown + no cravings = no re-feeds

I am yet aware, that, eventually, somewhere down the road, I will start to incorporate re-feeds again. Probably every 2-3 weeks, at the latest, when I drop the carbs even in the post workout phase and switch to a strictly "ketogenic" diet.
Image 3: An image for those of you who forgot what table sugar looks like; and Alan Aragon's wisdom for those of you who still believe that only dextrose, or even waxy maize or Vitargo are tolerable PWO sugars.
A pros pos carbs, in case you are wondering what carbs we are talking about... we are talking about "white poison" - plain table sugar! I have been adding 5 tsp. of it to my post-workout shakes (and as you can see, I survived ;-) Originally, I wanted to use dextrose, but I really did not fell like forking over $6 for a pound of sugar. I’d rather spend that $6 on half a gallon of raw milk! [Comment Dr. Andro: A wise decision, but since I do not want to adorn myself with borrowed plumes, I just refer you to Alan Aragon's December 2008 Research Letter, where, in his article "An objective comparison of chocolate milk and Surge Recovery", he beautifully dissects, the dextrose (and other) myth(s).

So, what have I left to tell you? Ah, yes. As of lately I have come up with a new "all natural" growth promoting sleeping aid, it's a dessert I suppose the chefs among you will be interested in.

My pineapple chocolate cheesecake
Image 4: Healthy, all natural pre-bed nutrition - Adelfo Cerame's original Pineapple Chocolate Cheesecake (TM)
  • ½ c. cottage cheese
  • 24g vanilla whey
  • 1 tbs. heavy whipping cream
  • ¼ c. of fresh chopped pineapples
  • 1 tbs. of Walden Farms Calorie free chocolate syrup
  • 1 tbs. coconut oil

    Macronutrient breakdown:
  • 37g protein
  • 10g carbs 
  • 25g fat
How to do it:  Mix cottage cheese, vanilla whey and heavy whipping cream (you can blend it as well, if you prefer that). Pour Walden Farms Calorie free chocolate syrup over what you just mixed. Add the fresh pineapples on top, then pour 1 tbs. of melted coconut oil over your fresh pineapples and wait for the coconut oil to harden over the cold fresh pineapples (about 20 sec.) - You can wash this down with a cold glass of raw milk (which I do), and enjoy your anabolic sleep!

...hmm, what are you waiting for? I said "anabolic sleep!" ;-)