Friday, September 21, 2012

Adelfo Cerame - Ten Days to Mission Possible: Battle Plan for the 2013 Wheelchair Bodybuilding Season. Fasting, Eating, Training, Coaching, Counting, Sleeping & Prevailing

Adelfo's new contest prep coach Alberto Nunez (left part), Adelfo in the "on season" 2012 (right part)
I am deeply ashamed, but have to admit that I did not mention that yesterday's post on the "anabolic" effects of betaine was a last minute replacement for Adelfo Cerame Jr.'s weekly SuppVersity guestpost (click here to read the past installments). Adelfo has been quite busy lately and therefore postponed his weekly progress update by 24h. I guess you won't mind though, 'cause he made good use of the hours he had left and compiled an extra-long, extra-detailed and extra-informative blogpost for today. 
A brief reminder before I hand over to Adelfo: The weekly SuppVersity Science Roundup with my friend Carl Lanore is now available as a podcast on the SHR website!

"T" as in "ten days left", until the fat has to start falling off my frame ;-)

Yes, SuppVersity readers, you will have to go through another (hopefully not dreadful…for you guys’, at least) long season of blogs of me documenting my contest prep for the 2013 season. I know a lot of you guys’, especially Adel aka "Dr. Andro" were very hopeful and confident that I was going to get my pro card this year, but things didn’t go the way I had planned, and I felt really bad that I wasn’t able to meet everyone’s expectations. I was determined to bring back the title, for you guys, as well as for myself... but that's a thing of the past and in a couple of weeks I will get another chance to try and bring home that W for us this year!

As most of you readers know, I like to give myself a lot of time to get ready when dieting, to allow myself for a slow and gradual process when melting the fat and peeling the skin back, that is why I am starting in October. This will give me about 20+ weeks to prepare and get ready. And it raises one very important question:

What will I do differently this time?

If you’re talking about making improvements?... Then yes there are going to be some changes but as for routine and protocol… No. I’m a creature of habit, and I like to stick with what works for me.

Video 1 (click to play): Adelfo Cerame Jr, at the Wheelchair Championships 2012; posedown for the overall
I’ve actually thought of trying out more of a “eat when I want” type approach just as long as I’m hitting my macronutrient numbers and incorporating meal timing with my training regimen; but in the end, the logical consequence of doing just like that will once more be an intermittent fasting protocol - not just out of habit, but because it comes totally naturally to me.

For over the past year I have enjoyed, and have basically adapted the IF type regimen into my social and life schedules, and to be honest, an IF protocol fits perfectly into my lifestyle. 

Also if isn’t broke then don’t fix it? Maybe build and improve on it, but not change the whole structure. I did really well prepping for my shows this past year using this approach, and it meets the criteria for me of a what a diet should be – stress free, fun, doable, practical, and economical. And all that without having negative effects on my strength and training intensity in the gym.  In fact,  this past year was one of my best experiences with prepping and dieting for a show. I barely felt the affects of what a diet usually does to you: low energy, always hungry, irritable, mood swings, decrease in strength… So let me ask you: Why would you skip something you love and do something you dread, instead?

Coaching: Yes… I’m giving in and asking for some help! .

As much success as I have found for the past 4 years preparing for shows by myself, I’ve come to a point where I feel that I want to learn more and take my physique to the next level… And what better way to do so, than to go to someone or people that have more experience and knowledge than you do. The guys’ from 3DMJ will be overseeing my prep.
This will be the guy that will be mentoring me and overlooking my contest prep for the 2013 season. Lifetime Natural Bodybuilder Alberto Nunez!
From what I know so far and from talking with him already via skype, Alberto Nunez will be the main guy overseeing my prep. I’ve been in contact and exchanging emails with these guys since May, and after falling short again in New Orleans, I definitely wanted them to jump on board to help me make the improvements I need, to win! From speaking to Alberto a couple weeks ago, he seems like the right fit for me. He gets it, and understands that I’m looking for far more than someone to just hand me a piece of paper, that tells me to eat tilapia, asparagus, and brown rice all throughout the day. He understands that I’ve found success using an IF protocol, and prefers to keep it that way, as long as I’m happy with it and it’s doable for me. So he won't be changing much when it comes to the structure of my routine but just be more observant, when it comes to my overall calories, macronutrients, and meal timing. Plus I know the guys over at 3DMJ are very knowledgeable, when it comes to the scientific approach to training and nutrition, which is also what keeps me coming back here to the SuppVersity day in and day out. To really understand what you are doing and why you are doing it is - at least in my humble opinion - what makes the difference between a pro and amateur, between someone who's just constantly following advice and someone who's really building his body and mind.

Training, Nutrition and the grande scheme of things

Apropos "knowing what you are doing", I have compiled a brief overview of what I am planning to do or still pondering... I guess, Adel would call it "Intermittent Thoughts on...", but this is his thing, so I will just stick to a couple of notes, on ideas related to nutrition- and exercise-related topics.
  • Nutrition - When it comes to my nutrition, I will definitely be sticking to my whole foods, and Myotropics Physique 2.0 shakes for the majority of my meals. At the same time, I’m going to have fun and incorporate foods the majority of the nutritional institution would frown upon - in a way it's to demonstrate how flexible and delicious your diet can actually without compromising your physique, let alone your health.
    Does this mean that I am going to eat whatever I want? No, it does not! Don’t get it twisted... Lol. It’s about balance, moderation and consistency. This is my philosophy when it comes to maintaining, and enjoying a successful diet! A diet shouldn’t be extreme on either ends of the spectrum, but must have a natural balance, and allow for moderation, so you can stay consistent.
    Please remember! Though I’m going to start having to take even the small quantity of calories you get from veggies into account, you don't I have seen to many people who just want to look good naked fail not despite, but due to meticulous calorie-counting to suggest doing this to anyone, aside from a seasoned competitive bodybuilder or physique athlete.
    As far as my fast/feed protocol goes, I will still be sticking to the 16-hour fast/ 8 hour feeding window (which I will time around my training), but at the same time, I wont get bent out of shape if I may need to extend the feeding hours a tad longer due to whatever reasons. Like I mentioned earlier. In a way this goes along the lines of what I mentioned earlier, i.e. “eat when you want”, but at the same time it will still allow me to take advantage of the benefits from fasting.
    I will also be controlling more of my intake and not be so loose as I was last year, and when I say loose, I mean I didn’t really count my vegetables… and my re-feeds were pretty out of control. And as shredded or almost shredded as I got with being so loose, I think these are one of the minute differences that will bring my physique up as far as conditioning goes.  And yup! I’m going to start counting my vegetables, as much as I’ve been a fan of “not counting vegetables”, when it comes to circumstances like really trying to come in your best condition and stepping your game up.
  • Training - I definitely enjoy the strength/ hypertrophy split that I do during the week (suggested read: my previous post on my shoulder routine during the RTWC). I think implementing that will allow me to maintain my strength while dieting throughout my prep. I have also been getting really good results doing Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 strength training protocol. I’m on my second cycle of the training phase and so far my 1-rep max for bench has gone up 30 pounds, from 295 lb. to 325 lb. So, along with EDT’s, 5x5’s, reverse pyramids, and hypertrophy training, I would like to find a way I can incorporate a 5/3/1 phase into my training phases, but in the end, it all depends what my new coach will say and recommend.
    There will be cardio… As much as I loved bragging to people about not having to do cardio and still be able to get into the condition I’m in… I think that cardio is going to be one of those minute differences that will really bring up my conditioning. I did notice that in towards the end of my last prep, and so yes, there will be cardio. I wont be running myself to the ground or "cardioing" myself to death, but there will be some kind of cardio action going on this year.
Well that’s all for today SuppVersity students! I am very excited to share yet again another year of contest prepping with you folks and hope that you won't get bored with my experiences on what is going to be a wonderful and hopefully successful journey... which would by the way imply that this is going to be the last year of me documenting my prep as an amateur ;-)


  1. Looking forward to future updates Adelfo, Good Luck!

  2. Oh please... how many of these deeply dishonest Adolfo Cerame articles will be presented to us until somebody is running amok? Who is meant to be the audience for this crap? I have a lot of respect for Adolfo himself, I stress that, but I won't swallow all this shit about how he became what he is without opening my mouth. Everybody with a tiny bit of knowledge about bodybuilding knows what I'm talking about. It's not only that you spread very obvious lies, you lose every bit of credibility in regards to your other articles.

    1. There does exist a thing called "natural" bodybuilding dude. Not everyone does drugs just because they are ripped. Also, you say you have a lot of respect for Adelfo, but you can't even spell his name correctly. Were you simply writing in a rage tangent?

      So please, enlighten me. I am recreational physique enthusiast that is in college. I'm 20 years old and am in no way looking to pursue a bodybuilding/model career. It doesn't mean that I don't care about how I look, and Adelfo gives great updates and advice if you would read some of his previous posts.

      And try to have a little respect. It's one thing to state your opinion, and it is an entirely other thing to be rude about it.

    2. there is little to add to what Primalkid already said with respect to the notion that you can only get ripped and muscular if you are doing drugs, I mean check out this picture of Eugen Sandow, who died in 1925 >

      I suppose, anonymous, you won't be trying to convince everyone that he has been on gear, would you? Put on some tan on our grand-grand daddy, there and place him in a wheelchair and you got an identical clone of Adelfo Cerame...

      so much for the not "swallow[ing] all this shit about how he became what he is"

      And as far as the interest in Adelfo's updates are concerned, no topic will be interesting for everyone. I know more than enough people who find it dead boring to read about yet another purported testosterone booster and others who are constantly complaining that I am writing far too less about "women's topics", which would probably be boring for those who enjoy Adelfo's blogposts

    3. To be honest; I don't really mind the steroid accusations. Lol. I get it all the time. I actually consider it a compliment because it tells me two things: 1).I must be doing something right with my training and nutrition regimen for people to assume that "I must be on gear" 2).There's no need for me to take steroids, because why take it if I already look or people assume that I am on juice? And yes I have been tempted plenty of times to use but it's comments like yours that always set me straight and motivate me not to use. So again thank you for the compliment :-)

      With regards to you accusing me of being a lier? Yes that upset me a bit, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is an open forum where people can comment and say what they want so I have no qualms with that but in my defense, I'm a physical culture enthusiast and a student of the game just like all the subscribers on here. I don't claim or ever will claim to know everything, I'm no genius, i'm no guru, I'm a nobody. I was just fortunate enough to be invited by Dr. Andro on a weekly basis to share my experiences with nutrition and fitness as a disabled athlete, and how I apply them to my circumstances. That's all I do; share my experiences, and give advice and pointers based on my experiences.

      Based on your comments I'm assuming that you are having issues with your own fitness and nutritional goals because you obviously find it hard to believe that someone (not just me) can be lean and ripped without the use of performance enhancing drugs. So i'm extending my hand and offering to help you achieve these goals and show and prove to you that you do not need performance enhancing drugs to achieve your fitness goals. And no I'm not being sarcastic. Here is my email. I would be glad to help :-)

  3. I'm glad to hear about your progress, Adelfo! You may not have won the pro card but you won a lot of fans my man. Say, in how many weeks of training did you go from 295 to 325 on the bench? That's impressive!

  4. Thank you RickP,

    I appreciate the support! I went from 295-325 in 4 weeks doing jim wendler's 5/3/1 strength training protocol.

  5. Keep up the great work Adelfo! You're doing something right when haters come out. As you just did in your post, keep doing things right! Lots of rumblings on Wendler's 5/3/1 right now. I may have to take a deeper look into it!

  6. You seem to know very well what you want and what you have to do to get there. I have few months since started to work "hard" in the gym to gain muscle mass and a look as you have. I really "envy" you for getting such lean muscle body, and i'm very motivated to get such a look too.

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