Rodent Study: GMO Soybean Oil is Pro-Inflammatory & Induces DNA Damage! Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the Rescue!

GMO Soybean oil? Better for cars only.
I am pretty sure there will be rebuttals to the results of this study... although, it's published in the OpenSource journal Nutrients and was conducted by scientists from Saudi Arabia and the UK who probably don't have the media-connections the scientists who conducted the GMO-corn study back in the day had.

Against that background it's unlikely that non-SuppVersity-readers will even hear about the paper El-Kholy et al. published in the June edition of Nutrients (El-Kohly. 2014) -- Well, that is - unless you spread the word, obviously ;-)
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SAD Diet Analysis
Let's take a look at the methods and results, now. Needless to say that we are talking about preliminary rodent data, here - data from 40 adult male albino rats, to be precise. The rats were used in this study and divided into four groups.
  • The control group of rodents was fed basal ration only. 
  • The second group was given basal ration mixed with extra virgin olive oil (30%). 
  • The third group was fed basal ration mixed with soybean oil from GM-soy (15%).
  • The fourth group survived on a combination of EV olive oil, GM and the basal ration.
All rodents were kept on the respective diets for 65 consecutive days. On day 65, blood samples were collected from each rat for antioxidant enzyme analysis.
Figure 1: Lipid oxidation and glutathione levels (El-Kohly. 2014)
"In the group fed on basal ration mixed with GM soyabean (15%), there was a significant increase in serum level of lipid peroxidation, while glutathione transferase decreased significantly. [...] the amount of DNA and NCE were significantly decreased. [...] We can conclude that adding EV olive oil to the diet of rats appears effective in inhibiting oxidative damage and may act as a protective agent against chronic diseases such as liver fibrosis, hyperlipidemia and diabetes. In addition, EV olive oil may also have a protective function against carcinogenic processes." (El-Kohly. 2014)
That's an intriguing result and one of which I am asking myself if you'd see it with regular soybean oil, as well.
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Bottom line: Now, although we cannot tell for sure, whether it's the "GM", i.e. the genetic modification, or simply the fact that soy is devils excrement and not suitable for mammalian consumption *don't take this excursion to seriously*, we do know two ways to protect our DNA from the vegan assault:
  1. Avoid soybean oil like a plague - easy for all of us who follow the SuppVersity-no-processed foods principle, but more or less impossible for everyone who buys products from the "food" industry
  2. Add extra virgin olive oil to our diet  - the addition of EVO is simple and effective, but will only alter "the tested parameters towards normal levels" 
For me, personally, "towards normal" is not convincing enough. If you asked me, I'd thus suggest you chose option (1) - the switch to a "zero" processed foods diet is going to have a whole lot of other beneficial effects on your health, physique and performance, anyways.
  • El-Kholy, T.A.; Hilal, M.A.; Al-Abbadi, H.A.; Serafi, A.S.; Al-Ghamdi, A.K.; Sobhy, H.M.; Richardson, J.R.C. The Effect of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Soybean on DNA, Cytogenicity and Some Antioxidant Enzymes in Rats. Nutrients 2014, 6, 2376-2386.
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