Saturday, August 7, 2010

Arak (Salvadora persica), A Testosterone Boosting Shrub From Mecca

Egyptian scientists (El-Kholy. 2010) investigating the effects of Arak stems obtained from the roots of Salvadora persica, a tree/shrub which grows in the area around Mecca and the Middle East on growth performance of male rabbits. The results of this recently published study are surprising: not only did the rabbits fed a diet containing 0.2% Arak 11% more weight before slaughtering, they also had significantly (+60%) increased testosterone levels (Control: 3.15ng/mL² vs. 0.2% Arak: 5.05ng/mL²). As the data plotted in Figure 1 suggests, this is another case where more, i.e. higher dosage (0.3%) obviously does not deliver more, i.e. more results (max. benefit for 0.2%).

Figure 1: Testosterone levels [ng/mL²] after Arak supplementation
(data adapted from El-Kohli. 2010)
Interestingly, Arak has something in common with Massularia acuminata, the main ingredient in USP Labs Pink Magic (cf. SuppVersity ingredient write-up): it is used as a tool for tooth hygiene. Yet, in the case of the former scientific evidence for the testosterone boosting effects are lacking. For Arak it is right there!

So, I suggest you either go on a pilgrimage to Mecca or wait for some supplement producer to read this post - I bet it won't be long until we see this compound in one or another fancy new test-booster ;-)