Saturday, August 14, 2010

Protect Your Testes! Beware of These Plants and Plant Products

According to a very recent review from D'Cruz et. al. (D'Cruz. 2010) you better avoid the following 15 plants and plant products, if you are interested in maintaining testicular health:
Figure 1: Plants and plant products that influence sperm production and testicular health (D'Cruz. 2010)

Figure 1 also hints at the pathways by which popular plant extracts such as 
influence testicular health. The previous list may well be continued, but I decided to pick those compounds a supplement fan is most likely to consume. So check the labels if you want to father kids in the near future.

To put this into perspective: Before you start to panic, you should however notice that most adverse effects were observed in in vitro experiments, where the cells / organs were literally flooded with extracts from the respective plants. I doubt you can become infertile or suffer any permanent loss in libido / testosterone from any of the aforementioned supplements.


  1. You should come back on Carl Lanore show & explain this article about plants affecting the testes.
    Bulbine Natalensis is being marketed as a testosterone booster with proven results.
    Carl has had quests on his show discussing Bulbine Natalensis as a true all natural test booster..

  2. I suppose Mike Mahler will rip of my balls if I tackle that on SHR - I already had a pretty unpleasant discussion with him on facebook; related to this very study and other findings...

    I am not saying that bulbine per se damages your testes, but you must be aware that the response curve is pretty steep and that there is an optimal dosage above which the positive effects of test turn into negative effects...
    if you listen to the old BULBINE episodes on SHR (where it was first introduced) you will hear that Anthony Roberts experienced those negative sides of too high a dosage, himself.

  3. LOL! I figured that much. Where can i find that debate on facebook. Would love to learn from that discussion. There are a lot of test boosters on the market as you well know. Everyone is claiming this or that with there product. Which test booster (assuming there is 1 product)out there -would you say has the science behind it to raise test in the body -and if so where can i find that information. thanks..
    I listen to the show today on arginine - great info...

  4. unfortunately the "Bulbine debate", as one might want to call it disappeared somwhere on Carl Lenore's (SHR moderator) Facebook Pinwall... a pitty facebook does not feature a searchable archive...

    despite debating the efficiacy / correct dosing on bulbine, I think respective products - if any - are the most promising test booster that is currently available.

    you cannot, however, expect visible gains in the gym from any of them. if users have results these are certainly not due to increasing their test to the upper normal range (this is all a test booster can do), but rather to the synergy of training and diet and a slightly improved recovery and protein synthesis from the higher test levels

  5. I would like to see this bulbine debate, every single person I know who use it, like it...

    1. with any real world results aside from a "feels good brocebo effect"?

  6. Would be great to get the general names for the plants. Such an effort to googol all the latin ones..