Saturday, August 14, 2010

Protect Your Testes! Beware of These Plants and Plant Products

According to a very recent review from D'Cruz et. al. (D'Cruz. 2010) you better avoid the following 15 plants and plant products, if you are interested in maintaining testicular health:
Figure 1: Plants and plant products that influence sperm production and testicular health (D'Cruz. 2010)

Figure 1 also hints at the pathways by which popular plant extracts such as 
influence testicular health. The previous list may well be continued, but I decided to pick those compounds a supplement fan is most likely to consume. So check the labels if you want to father kids in the near future.

To put this into perspective: Before you start to panic, you should however notice that most adverse effects were observed in in vitro experiments, where the cells / organs were literally flooded with extracts from the respective plants. I doubt you can become infertile or suffer any permanent loss in libido / testosterone from any of the aforementioned supplements.